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Top 10 Back 4 Blood Tips & Tricks

“These are a must know for any B4B Players”

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  • Learn The Game
  • Save your money
  • Don’t snatch, share
  • Hordes Don’t Stack
  • Drop items if you go
  • Toolkits


I decided to write this article on Back 4 Blood Tips because I seem to be addicted to the game. But one thing that frustrates me immensely that led me to write the article is teaming up with randoms who have less common sense than a 7-year-old. I get it. Maybe it’s your first time in the game, so of course, you will be bad. But, it seems 80% of the people I randomly join or join me are at another level of incompetence. So bad that you couldn’t tell the difference between their gameplay and a person who is purposely trying to sabotage your round. 

It’s clearly a predecessor to the L4D series, even though I played that a lot. I didn’t enjoy that as much as I do B4B

Back 4 Blood Tips #1 – Play on easy mode first

If you are brand new to the game, I envy you, it’s a great game, and you, hopefully, will have a lot of fun. But if you are new, keep to the beginner-level rounds. On the easy rounds, lots of mistakes can be made, and the team will be ok for the most part. However, the difficulty increases greatly at every level. So, making those same mistakes on intermediate or above could mean instant death for you and the entire team. So, learn the levels, and grind out all Acts on the easy a few times to quickly earn enough supply points to unlock the cards and make a killer deck.

Very few things are more frustrating than having a solid team and a random beginner joining a nightmare game who thinks they can piggyback on the 200% supply point bonus. But ends up killing us all by hitting every alarm, triggering every horde, running into every sleeper, and generally not knowing what to do… Don’t Be That Guy!

Back 4 Blood Tips #2 – Drop Your Stuff Before You Leave

This one is a little bit of B4B etiquette. Sometimes we only have time to play a few rounds, and most people dip out at the end of the round after they get their supply points. So instead, wait until you loaded into the next round, tell the team you got to go, thanks for the round and then proceed to drop all your money, guns, ammo, items etc., on the floor. Then, ping it, so the team knows you dropped your gear, and then leave. 

It’s a fantastic thing to do, and the team will really respect and appreciate you for doing it, and hopefully, they will learn to do the same. There have been numerous occasions I had seen people snatch money I was about to pick up, grab ammo and attachments out of loot boxes I opened before I got a chance to and then leave at the end of the round.

Back 4 Blood Tips #3 – Hordes Don’t Stack

If you set off an alarm or trigger a horde in some way, all hell will break loose. Zombies will come from every direction, and the special infected will also come to the party. However, I found it useful to know that if someone sets off an alarm, you may as well set up everything else that triggers a horde within 5 seconds of the first one, and it still only acts like 1 horde.

For example, say there is an alarmed police car or an alarmed door with stuff inside. But you can’t get it because you don’t want to trigger a horde. However, if someone triggered a horde accidently, you might as well shoot the alarmed car or door to trigger those alarms as well. As long as it’s within 5 seconds of the first one, these additional triggered alarms will not call in more zombies. Then, after all the chaos has settled, you can go grab the stuff from the police car or whatever was behind that alarmed door.

Another good example of using this sneaky Back 4 Blood tip would be when there are lots of birds around. If a teammate startles a set triggering a horde, I startle all the others and any other alarmed thing I can see. You could also time it with the time horde you get during some of the levels.

Back 4 Blood Tips #4 – How To Remove Birds

Back 4 Blood Tips Removing Birds Safely

Trauma is the dark red part at the end of your health bar. If you take lots of damage, it gives you trauma that lowers your maximum health. So you need to keep trauma under control because it will build up real quick. Having a good Doctor with a solid medical deck will be crucial. But if you don’t have one on your team, 

Back 4 Blood Tip #5 – Don’t Buy Things At The Vendor

You are probably thinking, WTF? Why Not? Well, what I mean is, don’t bother buying guns or attachments at the vendor. Attachments are all over the map, and so are guns. It’s such a waste when I see players buy guns or spend 200 to 400 coins on green attachments for the low-level starter gun, only to find similar attachments or a better gun 2 minutes later, which is a common occurrence.

I only invest in the top tier (Pink Colour) guns or attachments if their legendary gold ones. You can unbolt your attachments from your weapon and put them on another, but for a heavy coin cost. Instead, you and your team should be saving and pulling your money together to buy team upgrades at the vendor or cards you find during the rounds. Sometimes you find cards that affect the whole team, and you can all buy them for 500 each and the effects stacks.

Save every penny possible for upgrades and cards. The only things I would buy at the vendor besides upgrades would be pipebombs, toolkits and maybe medkits.

Back 4 Blood Tips #6 – Always Have A Tool Kit

Back 4 Blood Guide On Prepper Stashes

On every level, there is a “Prepper Stash”. These rooms are locked by an iron door that can only be opened with a tool kit. Inside each prepper stash is usually a First Aid Cabinet, ammo, attachments and guns. So one team member needs at least one Toolkit per level to open the doors. The doors are usually hidden or placed in not so obvious places and are marked with a yellow circle target-looking symbol.

Back 4 Blood Tips #7 – Don’t Get Grabby, Share

Another annoying thing is the players that hover over the attachment box or gun box as you open it and snatch the attachments without even looking at them. Or when you open an accessory box, they grab the medkit and run away. Don’t do this. Whoever opens the box should get first dibs. Let them have time to check it, and then, after 5 to 10 seconds or so, before you start picking things up.

The same goes for the player who invested about 300 coins in buying the Toolkits to open up the prepper stash on every level. Let them go in first and get the good stuff. There are plenty of guns, ammo and attachments on every level. Talk to your teammates, and communicate. For example, if you got a shotgun deck, tell them, “Hey guys, I need a better shotgun. If you find one, let me know.” 

If you are this type of guy and you find yourself in a lobby with me, you will get a warning, and after that, you will get dead, and no one on our team will want to save you at the respawn point. It’s ironic the number of times we asked players not to do that and confronted them about it, and they just ignored us. So then we shoot them or let them get knocked down by the zombies and leave them there, and suddenly, they can speak and are very communicative.

Back 4 Blood Tips #8 – First Aid Cabinets Heal Trauma

B4B Tips and Tricks First Aid Cabinet

Trauma is the dark red part at the end of your health bar. If you take lots of damage, it gives you trauma that lowers your maximum health. If you don’t take care of your trauma, you will find yourself in a lot of trouble very quickly. A maxed-out medkit will only heal 15 trauma and costs around 300 to 350 coins, but the Medical Cabinets will heal 30 trauma and cost you 400 coins. You also get free charges on these medical cabinets. On Easy mode, you get 4 free uses, medium you get 2 free uses, hard you get 1. And on No Hope mode, you get no free charges.

So you need to keep trauma under control because it will build up real quick. Having a good Doctor with a solid medical deck will be crucial. But if you don’t have one on your team,

Back 4 Blood Tips #9 – Move Slow, But Keep Moving

In the more challenging levels, running and jumping around like a headless chicken, like most beginners seem to love to do, will get you and your entire team killed. But so will take too long since, on most levels, a horde will come every few minutes. The best solution is to move slowly but always keep moving. When I do Nightmare or No Hope levels, I am pretty much crouched most of the time.

When crouched, you will have better accuracy, make less noise and be able to hear sleepers and birds before turning that blind corner or entering the room. Crouching also gives you time to pick zombies off from afar, register things, like alarm doors or even see things you would usually miss if you are running.

Back 4 Blood Tips #10 – Punch Them When Reloading

When you are surrounded by zombies, back into a corner, and you’re just blasting away, there comes a time when you need to reload, and you still have a bunch of zombies hitting you. So punch them with the action key. This damages and stuns them for a moment, but more importantly, the punching animation doesn’t disrupt the reloading. So hit that reload button, then start punching. The zombies will stagger a moment, and your gun will be fully reloaded.

  • Hordes don’t stack
  • Use a bandage/med kit before the medical cabinet
  • Don’t buy anything at the shop except for upgrades.
  • Pipe bombs save your life.
  • always have something
  • Spacial awareness
  • Keep moving but slowly
  • Stay together
  • Dump your stuff if you quit
  • Grenades clear birds
  • Punching doesn’t disturber the reload 

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