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The Salty Zombies Back 4 Blood Discord is the perfect place for all fans of this game to mingle with other Back 4 Blood players. Back 4 Blood Discord is a very active community with all levels of fans, from the Noobs to PROS of the game. So if you love playing Back 4 Blood, then you will enjoy your time in our Back 4 Blood discord.

Also, if you get stuck somewhere in the game, then too, our Back 4 Blood Discord channel can be very handy. The more experienced players on the Back 4 Blood discord channel tend to be quite helpful. You can also get help related to game strategy and also play together with others on this channel.

Of course, we at Salty Zombies love other survivor games as well apart from Back 4 Blood. Especially if we get to kill some zombies too! And guess what? We have discord channels and PVE servers for plenty of other survivor games as well! If you’re interested in other such games as well, then check out our gaming Discord to see our list of games.

Watch SZ staff play Back 4 Bloodon Twitch.

The Salty Zombies staff are all hardcore gamers who spend most of their time playing games like Back 4 Blood. And like many other hardcore gamers, they love to stream their game as well. If you’re curious as to how well the SZ staff play Back 4 Blood, you can check out their stream by checking out our page on Twitch Stream Team.

As we mentioned before, our peeps like playing all sorts of survivor games. And love streaming everything they play! So if you’re fans of games like Fallout 76, The Forest, Rust, Atlas, 7 Days To die, Among Us, SCUM etc then you can check out our twitch stream page to see the SZ staff play.


Back 4 Blood Discord Rules

Our main aim when providing a Discord channel for gaming fans is to primarily create a safe and useful space for like-minded gamers to interact with each other. It is not a space to simply bully or abuse people for whatever reason. In fact, keeping this space clean by not allowing any such abusive behaviour is our topmost priority.

To put it simply, we do not tolerate any member of the Back 4 Blood channel being rude, abusive, or unnecessarily rude and abusive towards other members. That is not to say that we don’t want people to debate. However, if the debate is getting a bit too serious then we suggest continuing the discussion over private messages.

If on the other hand, you have been a victim of any such bullying or abusive behaviour, then contacting a moderator will help resolve the issue. Given below are some basic rules to keep in mind to avoid getting muted or banned from this channel:

  • No racist or sexist commentary
  • Too much trash talking will result in muting
  • No posting of any nude/vulgar/obscene images, memes etc.
  • No advertising or promoting third-party Gaming groups or organisations
  • No advertising or promoting other discord channels/servers
  • Follow the chain of command and contact moderator to report abuse
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What is BACK 4 BLOOD?

Back 4 Blood is an exciting zombie survivor first-person shooter game. It’s by the same folks who gave us the much-acclaimed Left 4 Dead series. Here in Back 4 Dead, you find yourself in the middle of a war with the Ridden. The Ridden were once human, till they got infected by a deadly parasite, turning them into horrifying creatures that have but one goal – consuming the non-infected humans! Faced with extinction, it is now up to you to save humankind. And there is only one way to do that – kill all of the Ridden!

Complete Challenging Missions

You can try to survive the dangerous and dynamic world of Back 4 Blood through a story-based campaign which includes many difficult missions. You can choose to do this campaign by either going at it solo or by teaming up with 3 other players and surviving as a team!

Equip & Strategise

You have a few strategic choices to make here from among 8 cleaners(completely customizable), any of the immune survivors and a variety of lethal weapons. You must strategise well, that is if you want to prevent total annihilation.

Exciting Multiplayer Gameplay

You can use the Salty Zombies Back 4 Blood PVP server to team up and play with your friends or against them. Pick either the role of a Cleaner or play as a Ridden, both have their own unique perks, abilities, weapons etc.

Extreme Replayability

Back 4 Blood uses a unique new card system called “rogue-lite” which is responsible for creating a new experience every time.

Extensive Gameplay Action

Depending upon the player’s action, the Game Director adjusts itself continuously, creating a lot of diversity in terms of gameplay. This means the better you are, the tougher the Ridden’s you must face, including mutated Bose’s that can be up to 20 feet in height!

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What is Discord?

At its core, Discord is mainly an app for group chatting and discussions. It is similar to many older apps for group chatting like the mIRC. Of course, the user interface of Discord is much better than most of its older counterparts, along with some useful functionalities that have made Discord one of the most popular group chatting apps out there.

When it first came out, discord was mostly aimed at gamers to come together and discuss different games and their strategies, gameplay etc. It was also a great way to meet other gamers to play together with. However, in recent years, Discord’s popularity has spread much beyond the gaming community and is equally popular among other groups such as those into Gardening, Dating, Cooking etc.

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As we’ve mentioned a few times before, all of our SZ staff are fully into gaming. We love our survivor games, especially if it means kicking some zombie ass! That is why, if you too are into survivor games, then you can expect a lot more than just the BACK 4 BLOOD Discord and BACK 4 BLOOD PVE server.

At Salty Zombies, you can often find our staff playing games like Valheim, 7 Days To Die, Rust, Atlas, The Forest, Dayz, Ark etc. Each of these games has its own discord channels and PVE servers. So no matter which survivor game you’re into, there’s a good chance you’ll find your perfect space with the Salty Zombies communities.

We have also added some little fun stuff for our Discord members. Now you can share your own pic with other members using #Mugshots or just a cool snap using #Photography or maybe post something funny with #Memes. Don’t feel like doing anything? Just hang out with our friendly Music bot then!

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