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#1 ATLAS Community Discord

When joining our Atlas Discord, you will be greeted at the “Rules & Info” channel. You will need to select the emojis for the game channels you want to see. We host various games, and Atlas is one of our most popular ones. To see all the Atlas channels in our Discord, please select the Atlas Logo emoji, and all Atlas channels will be revealed. You may also select any of the other game emojis you might be interested in to see those game chat channels. You can also unselect them if you no longer wish to see the channels of that game.



If you’re a fan of the Atlas game and looking for an active & reliable game community, then you’re in the right place! Welcome to the Salty Zombies Atlas Discord. This is the perfect place for you to mingle with other Atlas players. At Salty Zombies, we got plenty of Atlas players in our discord. You can even play together with people you meet here or invite your friends to join our Atlas PVE Server.

In our large player base, you will find all sorts of players, from beginners to pros. But the best part of the community is that the experienced players here are always around to guide you. Being one of the largest game worlds out there, there might be a few places where you could use some help.

Here at Salty Zombies, what we have is a global gaming community. What that means is loads of different hosted games. However, we have a bit of an inclination for survival-type games, especially zombie apocalypse-type survival games. If you are also interested in other survival-type games, check out our gaming Discord!


Atlas Discord Rules

So that things don’t go out of hand and turn ugly, we have a few basic chatting rules for our Atlas Discord. Unnecessary rudeness, insulting behaviour or general hostility towards other community members are not tolerated. We are ok with debates. Just keep it clean, and if it’s getting too heated, then better continue in private message.

Generally avoid talks related to religion, politics and other controversial topics that deviate from the actual game! The rules mentioned below not just apply to our Atlas Discord but also the in-game chat in our Atlas PVE server. To report anyone breaking these rules, follow the chain of command to contact a moderator instead of tagging the owner or admin.


  • Always use the chain of command
  • No racist comments
  • No sexist remarks
  • No promoting or advertising other Discord Servers
  • No broadcasting or advertising of other Game Servers or organizations
  • No posting of nudity and obscene/vulgar videos/pictures/memes
  • Too much trash talking will get you muted
  • To report someone cheating, contact the moderator or admin
Atlas Ground Battle
Atlas Glowing Ship
Atlas Ship Construction

What is Atlas?

If you are a fan of the pirate life, then you will love this game! Atlas gives you the ultimate pirate life experience. This is one of the biggest game worlds that you can explore. You get to build ships, get a crew together, sail the seas, explore, fight monsters and find treasures! You play along with other players on a PVE server or go all out with no rules in a PVP server.

What is Discord?

To put it simply, Discord is a group-chatting app. It is similar to other old chatting apps like mIRC. Discord was originally built for the gaming community to talk and discuss various games. However, since Discord came out in 2015, it has expanded beyond the gaming community.

Discord is now used by all sorts of different groups and communities such as for cooking, dating, etc. The popularity of Discord has been ever-rising since it makes such community discussions much easier than, for example, Facebook groups. And especially since the COVID pandemic, where the work from home culture has taken off, Discord has fitted in perfectly, as proven by its more than 150 million active users.

Discord Logo Orange 1


As you know by now, Salty Zombies is a gaming community. So we don’t just host the Atlas Server and Atlas discord. Here you will find other games as well such as 7 Days To Die, Valhiem, Minecraft etc. Mainly we love our game, and we love our gamers even more. That is why the community is so important to us. In the Atlas discord, you can also post funny #Memes, post your pic using #Mugshots or just a cool snap using #Photography. You could also just hang out with our music bot and listen to some songs! So if you’re an atlas fan, don’t wait – join our Atlas discord today and come hang out with your community!

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