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Are you looking for a group to team up with? Maybe you want to know what the best ARK ASA Servers people recommend? Well, then, you should join our ARK Survival Ascended Discord. We have one of the largest communities of ARK players who love ARK ASA despite the typical rough launch and all the delays.

There are quite a few features of our ARK Survival Ascended Discord that you should know about to help you navigate the proper channels, find the right people you are looking for, and talk about the recommended servers, whether PVE or PVP. Below are some easy-to-follow instructions for our ARK Ascended Discord.

What is ARK ASA Discord?

Discord is a chatting app, like the old-school mIRC if you were around back then. Every gamer, gaming server owner, or content creator uses it to communicate with their fans or community. It’s an excellent app for growing communities, keeping them together, organizing events, and updating them on news.

That’s pretty much what our ARK Survival Ascended Discord is about. Here, you can check out the ARK servers, find a group to play with or ask for advice or questions on the game and its updates.

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ARK Ascended Discord Rules

The aim of this ARK Survival Ascended Discord is to create a positive and friendly environment for ARK ASA players to enjoy the game they love. Yes, the game can be frustrating, and Wildcard are not exactly the most forthcoming or reliable game developers. But consistently bashing them or ARK Survival Ascended in general is not allowed. 

We don’t want a bunch of negative Debby Downers in our ARK ASA Discord. We want positive vibes, good energy and laughs. Talk about the game, share screenshots, team up with others, join in coms and participate in the incredible events we put on.

  • We do not tolerate any sexism and racism
  • Too much trash-talking will get you muted¬†
  • No promoting any third-party gaming organizations and servers.
  • No promoting any other third-party Discord ASA Servers
  • No posting any nude/vulgar/obscene videos or memes
  • Do not consistently bash the developers or the ARK ASA itself.
  • To report abuse, follow the chain of command and report to a Admin
ARK Ascended Discord
ARK Survival Ascended Discord Background

What is ARK?

The game story starts with you, as a man or woman depending on the character you selected, stranded naked on the shores of ARK, a mysterious island. You are starving and freezing, and in order to survive, you must now hunt, farm, gather resources, build shelter, research and learn new technologies, craft items and much more!

There’s a lot more to your ARK adventure. On this Island, you can use your skills and resources to either hunt down Leviathan dinosaurs for their meat or tame them and use them for guarding or riding upon! You are also not the only other players online in the ARK world. Will you team up with the others and survive as a group, or will you go solo, where even the other players are your enemies!

There is a lot to the ARK world, as you shall see in the game features mentioned below.

ARK News Channel

This channel is used to update you on any information related to ARK Survival Ascended Discord or the game itself.

Discord Verfication

In this channel, you can Verify your Discord and connect it to the game to receive rewards or claim points when voting for our ARK ASA Discord.

Server Info

This is where you can see the server settings, stats and rates of our ARK ASA PVE Servers.

ARK Suggetions

The ARK Suggestions channel is where you can suggest ideas or request features to be added to our ARK Survival Ascended Discord.

Not Just A ARK Ascended Discord

One of the most important things about having an ARK Survival Ascended Discord is utilising it to build and maintain the community. So we put on cool events, like movie night or game night. Where we play Discord coms games that come with Discord Nitro. We even play web games like Monopoly or Cards Against Humanity. It’s a ton of fun and really brings out the best in people.

Having an ARK Ascended Discord community is about keeping it fun, interactive, and full of positive vibes and enjoyment. We game to take a break from our real-world problems and the negative, draining energy that comes with them. That’s why it’s important we ensure our ARK ASA Discord does just that: you have fun and are energised when it’s time to return to reality.

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