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Do you enjoy honing your survival skills in beautiful but deadly environments? Do you enjoy building structures, homes, and bases with unlimited creativity and possibilities? Do you enjoy taming and breeding armies of immense power and abilities? If you answer yes to any of the previous questions, then join the best community on the web as we explore Ark: Survival Evolved. Salty Zombies’ Ark servers are currently PvE only. Base raiding, owned dino killing, or other forms of griefing are strictly forbidden, and violators will be banned from our servers.

ARK PVE Cluster Settings:

  • XP Rate: 1.5
  • Gathering: 3.0
  • Taming: 5x
  • Cave Building: On
  • Stamina: 2x
  • Boosted Corpse Timer: 1 hour
  • Foundation Support: On
  • Custom items Stack Sizes
  • Boosted Tame Movement Speed
  • Per Platform Max Structure: 3.0
  • Dropped Item Decay: 1.0
  • Fishing Loot Quality: 1.0
  • Per Platform Max Structures: 1.0
  • Max Dino Level: 160
  • Max Tek Dino: 180
  • Mating Speed: 8x
  • Mating Interval: 0.1
  • Max Tribe Size: 8.0
  • Weight: 2.5x
  • Egg Hatch Speed: 10.0
  • Baby Mature Speed: 10.0
  • Baby Cuddle Interval: 0.18
  • Baby Imprinting Stat Scale: 1.0
  • Baby Cuddle Grace Period: 1.0
  • Baby Cuddle Lose Imprint Quality Speed: 1.0
  • 100% Imprinting
  • Custom Drops
  • Custom Engrams, level based

ARK PVE Server Info

We run the entire 12-map ARK PVE Cluster on a single Dedicated beast of a server. This makes the cluster more efficient for many reasons. 1, if the cluster were split between different servers, it would create issues and lag when you transfer your character from one map to another. 2nd reason we bought an entire dedicated server for just ARK is that having all 12 maps PVE Cluster takes up quite a bit of resources and adds a lot of players to that, and it’s a lot of stress on the server hardware. However, our dedicated server has enough resources to handle 3x 12 map ARK PVE Cluster. This gives us the ability to hold many players and keep the server running smoothly, bettering your gaming experience.

  • CPU: AMD Ryzen 7 5800X 4.4GHz
  • RAM: 128GB DDR4 RAM 2667MHz
  • 1TB NVMe
  • 1Gbps Network
  • Daily Back Ups
  • DDOS Protection 40 Gbit/s 
  • Location: Los Angeles
  • CPU: AMD Ryzen 9 7950X 4.4GHz
  • RAM: 192GB DDR5 RAM 2667MHz
  • 2TB NVMe
  • 1Gbps Network
  • Daily Back Ups
  • DDOS Protection 55 Gbit/s 
  • Location: New York

Please read them thoroughly

ARK PVE Server Rules & Verfication

Keeping the peace in a not so peaceful world

Exploits | Glitches | Hacking

We take hacking and exploits very seriously on our ARK PVE Server. If you locate a glitch in-game, we encourage you to report it via our support tickets system in Discord. Doing so will earn you rewards. If you take advantage of an exploit or hide someone in your friend list using an exploit, you and your entire group can be permanently banned on all our servers. We actively reward players who report glitches/hacks/exploits for us to fix.

Zero Sexual Content (Text | Images | Videos)

Oversexualized content is never allowed on this discord server by any means. This includes “straight/gay/lesbian” or anything of that nature. If it’s sexual, it’s outright forbidden on this Discord server. Posting any content on this Discord server that includes sexualized images, videos, or even sexualized Discord text will get you permanently banned from our Discord and gaming servers.

Common Sense Policy

Our common sense rule is just that if something is common sense, but it isn’t outright listed on the rules above, then use your head and common sense to make the right choices and not attempt to find loopholes or such around the rules.

Toxicity Policy

Our approach to “hate speech” is not the same approach platforms like Twitter/Facebook take. We stand firm in your ability to have a free and open dialogue. You will not be punished for expressing your views openly. Our support team will only step into bantering or conversation when it becomes personal attacks such as doxing or threatening. We don’t ban or punish our community members for expressing their personal views on topics. It’s important to understand that bantering is 100% allowed and not something we will not punish our players for it, but we try to keep it respectful.

Don’t Spam | Advertise

You are not allowed to post excessive spam-related content inside the gaming servers. Spam-related content is anything that is rapidly posted or something that is mass-posted by a group of members. Spam, in general, is not tolerated on our Discord community or gaming server.

The most important rule!

Make friends and have a good time! It’s important to understand that these are game servers to allow you to escape from real-world drama. So have fun and have a good time. Try making friends while gaming!

PLEASE NOTE: Even though this is an ARK PVE Server and players can not damage your base, they will still try to find other means of getting inside and stealing your stuff or mess around with your sleeping body. Yes, this is against the rules, and we will know who it is and ban them. However, we will not replace any lost or stolen items. So make sure your base is secure, including from the roof and windows. Lock up all your boxes, all your doors etc.

Let’s GO

Our ARK PVE Server Mods

These mods are auto download on server entry

Super Structures

Super Structures is a better and more up-to-date version of the Structures S+ mod since that mod hasn’t been updated in a while. SS is a much cooler and more efficient way to build your base. It’s pretty much the best base-building mod there is.

Awesome SpyGlass

Like a regular spyglass but so much better, it may show items such as coordinates, food lists, buff lists, item lists, players, structures, crates, and eggs and dinos.

Ark Additions: The Collection

Adds more unique and amazing creatures to the world of Ark.

Better Horde Mode

It can be frustrating on ARK PVE Servers when the hostiles are impossible to find. Well, with this mod, the enemies are marked after a certain amount of time so you can see their location.

Remove Cryopods

This mod remaps Cryopods into Soul Traps and Cryofrides into Soul Terminals. This is a much better way to store your dinos.

Lethals Reusables

Lethal is a well-known modder for ARK Servers, and he created this great mod that not only adds lots of great quality-of-life items but makes them reusable. From flare guns to infinity grapples. It even removes the durability over time. However, they can still lose durability by being damaged.

Krakens Better Dinos

Krakens Better Dino improves many of the Dinos on our ARK PVE Server. Some of the Dinos are tweaked and others are completely overhauled.

No Untameables

Ever want to tame all those pesky dinos that normally cannot be tamed? This mod fixes them all and adds some QOL features to our ARK PVE Server.

Shiny Dinos

Adds unique creatures to the map. They are slightly higher level. These creatures sometimes have Rare and Unique abilities. They spawn randomly and stay on the map for a short time, so get them while you can.

Auction House

Trade with players across our entire ARK PVE Cluster, buy dinos, supplies, or anything else in this player ran economy.

Extra QOL Items

You ever see a wyvern and look for its egg, and it just doesn’t exist? This mod fixes and adds all sorts of QoL features for you to enjoy on our ARK PVE Servers.

Dino Storage V2

Replaces cryo pods, you may ask why? These are extremely configurable to our needs and allow us to add all sorts of QOL features and notable changes to our cluster.

Castle, Keeps, And Forts Remastered & Science Fiction

Adds some awesome buildable for that base build you have dreamed of. This mod is a fan favourite and speaks for itself. Its probably one of the most popular mods for our ARK PVE Servers.

Ark PVE Server Cluster
ARK Lady on a raptor

In game commands

All Commands for ARK PVE Server


/claim – Checks for votes and rewards the player
/decaytime – Allows checking tribe decay times while looking at a tribe owned structure
/groups – Lists player’s groups.
/ShowLimits – Shows the amount of player/tribe structures.
/TLR <Discord Webhook> – Sets a discord webhook for the tribe. (only for Tribe Owner)
/trade <‘CharacterName’> <Amount> – Sends points to other players (‘ ‘ – are necessary).

Discord Integrator:

/discord – Prints information message.
/setdiscord <username> – Sets player Discord username, no quotes needed. You can also use Discord ID
Example: /setdiscord woolypenguin#3974
/setdiscord <authkey> – Authorizes player with received code.

Coloring Tokens:

/dctokens – Shows your token balance
/sdcr – Uses 1 token from your balance and randomizes the target dino colour
/sdc <region #> <color #> – When looking at a dino, use 1 token from your balance and set that region to that colour. Do this for each region on the dino. Each dino only uses 1 token during its lifetime, not per region Ex. /sdc 1 1 Would paint the target dino’s region 1, colour 1, which is red
/sdcaoe <region> < colour> <optional:range> – colours all dinos in area, or dinos of the same type if you have a target.
/sdcrAoE 0 – can roll a single random colour set to all dinos, or /sdcraoe 1 to apply randomized colours to all dino regions per dino.
/dupedc – dupes dino colours of your target to all dinos of the same type in range.
/savedc <name> – When looking at a dino, saves the colour scheme as the name (Saved colour schemes are species specific) Ex. /savedc zebra Would save the colour scheme as zebra in your saved dino colour schemes for that species
/listdc – When looking at a dino will list all available saved dino colour schemes for that species
/loaddc <name> – When looking at a dino loads the colour scheme of that name (Saved colour schemes are species specific) Ex. /loaddc zebra Would load the colour scheme of zebra to the target dino. Uses a token IF that dino has not used a token previously.
/ssc <region:0-5> <colour:0-25> <optional:range> – colours all structures in the range, or only the same type if you have a structure target.
/dupesc <optional:range> – Structure colour dupe command uses structure tokens and dupes target structures colours to all structures of the same type in range.
/sic <region:0-5> <color:0-25> – Colors all items in your inventory or vault/chest if you have a valid storage target

Lethal Quests:

/stats – command to check their stats (see DynamicStats for what is shown to the player)​
/quests – command to get a list of active quests​
/quest <id> – command to get details of a specific quest using the quest id​
/completed – command to list of completed quests (not daily/weekly)​

ARK PVE Economy

We have a shop for our ARK PVE Servers. All you need to do is type /Shop in chat to bring up the shop menu. The shop currency is called “Salty Coins” You earn 100 Salty Coins every 30 minutes you are on the server. You can also trade in your scrap for Salty Coins. You can earn 10% to 30% more Salty Coins every 30 minutes when you become a subscriber.

In addition to the earning multiplier, you also get a 10% to 30% discount on shop items, depending on what tier subscription you choose. We also understand that not everyone has the time to grind out or play for hours. Some of us have work and family commitments, so we have enabled you to buy Salty Coins for real-world money.


If you would like to become a member of the Invasion Force and join the War Room by supporting our servers. There are 3 different ranks you can choose from, each going up in price but giving you more quality of life perks and benefits. Purchasing a rank gives you that rank on all our ARK PVE Servers.

ARK PVE Apprentice Rank – $10/month

Starter KIT

  • 4x Wood Foundations
  • 15x Wood  Walls
  • 1x Wood Door & Frame
  • 4x Wood Ceilings
  • 1x Whip
  • 1x Crossbow
  • 50x Arrows
  • 1x Metal Tool Set
  • 5 Color Extractors
  • Lvl 50 Pteronadon & Saddle


  • 10% Discount In The In-Game shop
  • Get 10,000 Salty Coins Every Month
  • Earn 50 Salty Coins Every 15 Minutes (Default 25)


  • Unlock Apprentice Rank in-game 
  • 3 weeks Decay Timer (Default is 2 weeks)


  • Access to the corpse finder command in the ARK Shop

Discord Perks

  • Apprentice Rank in Discord
  • Access to VIP channel in Discord & VIP Perks
  • Use Gifs and external Emojis, Stickers & Sounds

ARK PVE Journeyman Rank – $20/month

Starter KIT

  • 4x Stone Foundations
  • 15x Stone  Walls
  • 1x Stone Door & Frame
  • 4x Stone Ceilings
  • 1x Whip
  • 1x Crossbow
  • 100x Arrows
  • 50x Tranq Arrows
  • 1x Metal Tool Set
  • 10 Color Extractors
  • 1 Gender Swap
  • Level 150 Pteranodon & Saddle

Economy Perks

  • 20% Discount In The In-Game shop
  • Get 20000 Salty Coins Every Month
  • Earn 75 Salty Coins Every 15 Minutes

InGame Perks

  • Unlock Journeyman Rank in-game
  • 4 weeks Decay Timer (Default is 2 weeks)
  • Access to Better Quests rewards and exclusive quests in the game

VIP Commands

  • Access to the TrackBody command on the ARK Shop.

Discord Perks

  • Journeyman Rank in Discord
  • Access to VIP channel in Discord + VIP Perks
  • Use Gifs and external Emojis, Stickers & Sounds

ARK PVE Mastercraft Rank – $30/month

Starter KIT

  • 4x  Metal Foundations
  • 15x  Metal  Walls
  • 1x  Metal Door & Frame
  • 4x Metal Ceilings
  • 1x Whip (Decent)
  • 1x Crossbow (Decent)
  • 100x Arrows
  • 50x Tranq Arrows
  • 1x Longneck
  • 20x Tranq Darts
  • 1x Metal Tool Set (Decent)
  • 15 Color Extractors
  • 4 Gender Swap
  • Level 150 Pteranodon & Saddle (Decent)
  • Level 100 Griffin


  • 30% Extra Salty Coins per hour
  • 30% Discount in the Shop
  • Teleports access to Obelisks
  • 4 weeks Decay Timer
  • 2x Personal Teleports
  • Get Body Command
  • Get Dino Command
  • Access to the VIP channel in Discord
  • Unlock Mastercraft Rank in-game
  • Earn 8 Salty Coins Every 10 Minutes
  • Exclusive Journeyman Rank in Discord, unlocking certain Discord features.

    TELEPORTS – Cost 50sc

    • 8,000 Salty Coins
    • 2x Gender Change Token
    • 3x Dino Baby Tokens
    • 1x Dino Reset Mating Token
    • 1x Dino Raise Baby Token
    • 75x Dino Colouring Tokens
    • 75x Structure Colouring Tokens
    • 75x Item Colour Tokens
    • Unlock exclusive quests in-game
    • Access to better quests rewards

    ARK PVE Ascendant Rank – $50/month

    Starter KIT

    • 4x Metal Foundations
    • 15x Metal  Walls
    • 1x Metal Door & Frame
    • 4x Metal Ceilings
    • 1x Whip (Good)
    • 1x Crossbow (Good)
    • 150x Arrows
    • 100x Tranq Arrows
    • 1x Longneck
    • 50x Tranq Darts
    • 1x Metal Tool Set (Good)
    • 15 Color Extractors
    • 4 Gender Swap
    • Level 150 Pteranodon & Saddle (Good)
    • Level 150 Griffin
    • Dino Insurance for Glitches and Situations Out of Your Own Control Only


    • Access To Live Map
    • 50% Discount in the Shop
    • 50% Discount on Corpse Finder
    • Teleports access to Obelisks
    • 8 Week Decay Timer
    • 2x Personal Teleports
    • Get Body Command
    • Get Dino Command
    • Access to the VIP channel in Discord
    • Unlock Ascendant Rank in-game
    • Earn 7 Salty Coins Every 10 Minutes
    • Exclusive Ascendant Rank in Discord, unlocking certain Discord features.

    Monthly Gifts

    • 12,000 Salty Coins
    • 1x Finish Clone Token Per Month
    • 3x Gender Change Token
    • 5x Dino Baby Tokens
    • 2x Dino Reset Mating Token
    • 2x Dino Raise Baby Token
    • 100x Dino Colouring Tokens
    • 100x Structure Colouring Tokens
    • 100x Item Colour Tokens
    • Unlock exclusive quests in-game
    • Access to better quests rewards

    No question is a stupid question

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Below is a list of some of the most frequently asked questions about our ARK PVE Server. This could be general questions about the server, mods, or even regular issues and their solutions. Please have a read of all the questions so you are fully informed of all the answers and solutions. 

    Connection Issues

    As we know, ARK is a very buggy and resource-intensive game. If you are having issues connecting to our ARK PVE server, there are multiple things you can try.

    Firstly, it’s always better to download the mods first. Click here to go to our Steam workshop list of all the mods on the ARK PVE server and select “Subscribe To All”.

    Not enough Disc space.

    If you’re low on Disk space, you will have difficulty connecting or Running ARK. But if you played on other servers and Steam games with Steam Workshop mods. When you connect to these other servers, you download their mods automatically, and they remain on your computer until you unsubscribe from them. To unsubscribe and clear some disk space, go to your steam, hover over your name and click on “content” in the drop down menu, then hit the “Workshop Items” tab and on the right you will see “Subscribed Items”. Once that opens up, hit the “Unsubscribe From All” button.

    Check out these!

    ARK PVE Tutorial Videos

    ARK is an in-depth game with lots of content. On the Salty Zombies ARK PVE Servers, we have all 12 maps PVE cluster so that you can move between them. However, completing all 12 maps would take a solid 3 months with lots of new content. So below are some videos to help you with the new content.

    Need Some Help?

    Our ARK PVE Server Moderators

    The Owl Sky

    ARK Partner

    The Owl Sky

    The Owl Sky is the founder and developer of the ARK API and Game Server HUB. He is the man guy for our ARK PVE Servers

    Our ARK PVE Server is taken care of by these 2 wonderful people. Admin Robin and Senior Moderator Cechri. Both are avid ARK players and have been with Salty Zombies for a very long time. If you have any issues and need assistance go to the Help channel in our Discord. Click on the ARK button to create a ticket for our ARK moderators to attend to.

    When creating a ticket, please give us as much information as possible. For example, your in-game name, what happened, what you need help with, what map you are playing, etc. The more information you give us, the easier and quicker it is for the ARK PVE moderators to help you.

    Help Build our ARK PVE Servers Community

    Playing a great game like ARK PVE is one thing, but playing it with a fantastic community makes it quite another. You can help grow our community for our ARK PVE servers by joining local ARK forms and Facebook groups. Tell them about Salty Zombies servers if you see anyone looking for an ARK PVE Cluster. I have even made you some posters you can use. Images grab people’s attention. These will help draw more people to our community.

    ARK PVE Poster

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