Can you survive the Primal Fear Mod?

ARK Primal Fear Server

“An ARK Overhaul Mod Like No Other!”

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Are you looking for an ARK Primal Fear Server? Then you come to the right place, ARK Survival is an amazing game, and mods like Primal Fear give the game a whole new experience with plenty of replayability. The ARK Primal Fear mod was made by Pikkon38 and was placed 4th in the ARK modding contest of 2018. It’s probably one of the most popular ARK overhaul mod out there and comes jam-packed with new content.


ARK Primal Fear Server Settings:

Server Specs

  • CPU: AMD Ryzen 7 5800X 4.4GHz
  • RAM: 128GB DDR4 RAM 2667MHz
  • 1TB NVMe
  • 1Gbps Network
  • Daily Back Ups
  • DDOS Protection 40 Gbit/s 
  • Location: Los Angeles
  • x20 Tame
  • x15 Gather
  • x25 Experience
  • x10 Crop Growth
  • x25 Incubation Speed
  • x15 Baby Mature Speed
  • x15 More Weight Capacity
  • 80% Faster Mating Interval
  • Player Corpse Decay = 8 hours
  • Spoil time increase
  • 300 max player level
  • Loot Quality 3
  • Player Food & Water Consumption 0.5

ARK Primal Fear Main Features

New Creatures

The ARK Primal Fear mod adds many new Dinos and creatures to the game. These dinos are much more powerful than their vanilla counterparts. For Example, you can have a Primal Fear Server with a Void Wyrm that teleports around the map and fires massive energy beams at you. There are also many variations of the current vanilla Dinos that are way harder to kill but drop unique items.

New Items

On our ARK Primal Fear Server, many new items have been added to the game, like new weapons, armour, and unique crafting materials you will need to make them. These unique items could include a Sword that can shoot fireballs or a custom saddle that adds more protection or bonus stats to your Dino. Of course, these items can also be updated.

New Gameplay Mechanics

One of the good things about the ARK Primal Fear mod is that the progression system is harder but more rewarding. So for those players who like the grind and team play, this is the mod for you. The bosses are insanely hard to beat and will 100% require you to team up with other players if you want a chance of winning. 

There is also a completely new breeding system on our ARK Primal Fear Server which allows you to breed your creatures to create even more powerful versions. But the breeding process is highly complex and will require careful planning. Another great feature we know ARK veterans will love.

Please read them thoroughly

ARK Primal Fear Server Rules

Keeping the peace in a not so peaceful world

No Hacking or Exploits

Do not use any hacks, 3rd party tools or exploits on our ARK Primal Fear Server. Doing so will get you permanently banned. If you find a glitch or exploit, report it to our admins. We actively reward players who report glitches, hacks or exploits. If you know a group of players who uses such hacks or exploits, you can also be banned by association.

Common Sense Policy

Our common sense rule is just that if something is common sense, but it isn’t outright listed on the rules above, then use your brain and common sense to make the right choices and not attempt to find loopholes or such around the rules.

No Sexual Text/Images/Videos

Any sexualized content is never allowed on our ARK RP Servers. Additionally, posting any content of this nature, whether it be images or text, will result in being permanently banned from our ARK Discord and ARK Role Playing Servers.

Toxicity Policy

We don’t mind a little banter here and there, but we will step in if the attacks become personal such as doxing, threatening or just overly toxic. However, discussions on sensitive subjects such as Politics, Religion, or heated current events won’t be tolerated. If you wish to have such discussions or debates, then do so in a private conversation.

Don't Spam / Advertise

Do not spam or advertise other servers or Discords in our ARK Roleplaying server. Nor are you allowed to advertise another community, brand or URL in your game or Tribe name. Doing so will get you banned.

The most important rule!

Make friends and have a good time! It’s important to understand that these are game servers to allow you to escape from real-world drama. So have fun and have a good time. Try making friends and interacting with players on our ARK RP Servers.

PLEASE NOTE: Even though this is an ARK RP Server and players can not damage you or your base, they will still try to find other means of getting inside and stealing your items or messing around with your sleeping body. Yes, this is against the rules, and we will know who it is and ban them. However, we will not replace any lost or stolen items. So make sure your base is secure, including from the roof and windows. Lock up all your boxes, all your doors etc.

Let’s GO

ARK RP Server Mods For Your use

These mods are auto download on server entry

Primal Fear Boss Expansion
Super Structures
Awesome Spyglass
Dino Storage v2
Awesome Teleporters
ARK Lady on a raptor

In game commands

ARK Roleplay Server Commands


/claim – Checks for votes and rewards the player
/decaytime – Allows checking tribe decay times while looking at a tribe owned structure
/groups – Lists player’s groups.
/ShowLimits – Shows the amount of player/tribe structures.
/TLR <Discord Webhook> – Sets a discord webhook for the tribe. (only for Tribe Owner)


/points – Shows the current amount of points.
/buy <ID> <Amount> – Buys the item from shop.
/trade <‘CharacterName’> <Amount> – Sends points to other players (‘ ‘ – are necessary).
/kit – Shows all kits.
/kit <KitName> – Redeems the kit.
/buykit <KitName> <Amount> – Buys a kit (if the kit has a price).
/shop <Page> – Shows a list of available items in the shop.
/sell <ID> <Amount> – Sells an item.
/shopsell<Page> – Shows a list of available items for selling.
/shophelp – Show custom help message.

Discord Integrator:

/discord – Prints information message.
/raidwarning <minutes> – Sets the raidwarning to <minutes> 0 = Off.
/setdiscord <username> – Sets player Discord username, no quotes needed. You can also use Discord ID
Example: /setdiscord woolypenguin#3974
/setdiscord <authkey> – Authorizes player with received code.

Coloring Tokens:

/dctokens – Shows your token balance
/sdcr – Uses 1 token from your balance and randomizes the target dino colour
/sdc <region #> <color #> – When looking at a dino, use 1 token from your balance and set that region to that colour. Do this for each region on the dino. Each dino only uses 1 token during its lifetime, not per region Ex. /sdc 1 1 Would paint the target dino’s region 1, colour 1, which is red
/sdcaoe <region> < colour> <optional:range> – colours all dinos in area, or dinos of the same type if you have a target.
/sdcrAoE 0 – can roll a single random colour set to all dinos, or /sdcraoe 1 to apply randomized colours to all dino regions per dino.
/dupedc – dupes dino colours of your target to all dinos of the same type in range.
/savedc <name> – When looking at a dino, saves the colour scheme as the name (Saved colour schemes are species specific) Ex. /savedc zebra Would save the colour scheme as zebra in your saved dino colour schemes for that species
/listdc – When looking at a dino will list all available saved dino colour schemes for that species
/loaddc <name> – When looking at a dino loads the colour scheme of that name (Saved colour schemes are species specific) Ex. /loaddc zebra Would load the colour scheme of zebra to the target dino. Uses a token IF that dino has not used a token previously.
/ssc <region:0-5> <colour:0-25> <optional:range> – colours all structures in the range, or only the same type if you have a structure target.
/dupesc <optional:range> – Structure colour dupe command uses structure tokens and dupes target structures colours to all structures of the same type in range.
/sic <region:0-5> <color:0-25> – Colors all items in your inventory or vault/chest if you have a valid storage target

Lethal Quests:

/stats – command to check their stats (see DynamicStats for what is shown to the player)​
/rewards – command used to claim rewards from completed quests if “AutoClaimRewards”: false​
/quests – command to get a list of active quests​
/quest <id> – command to get details of a specific quest using the quest id​
/completed – command to list of completed quests (not daily/weekly)​

ARK Primal Fear Servers Economy

Our ARK Primal Fear Server has an in-game Shop you can use to buy in-game items using a currency we call “Salty Coins”. You can earn these Salty Coins by playing on the server and enjoying the game. The more time you spend playing, the more coins you earn. You can also increase the number of Salty Coins you earn when you donate to the server. Depending on which package you choose, you can earn from 10% to 40% more Salty Coins per hour of playing.

We also added the ability for you to obtain Salty Coins by either voting for our ARK Primal Fear Server or buying them directly. We also understand that not everyone has the time to grind out or play for hours. Some of us have work and family commitments, so we have also enabled you to buy Salty Coins in the store.

ARK Primal Fear Ranks

We have lots of ARK Servers and a huge ARK community that loves to play on them. Being so popular and having so many players on our ARK clusters, we need multiple Dedicated Servers,

On the ARK RP servers, we have 4 ranks. These ranks unlock monthly bonuses and features to help you ascend through the role-playing storyline. Each rank increases in price but gives you more quality-of-life perks and benefits.

ARK Primal Fear Apprentice Rank – $10/month

Starter KIT (wood)

  • 4 foundations
  • 7 walls
  • 1 door frame
  • 1 door
  • 4 ceilings
  • LVL 50 Pteranodon & Saddle


  • 10% Extra Salty Coins per hour
  • 10% Discount in the Shop
  • Get Body Command
  • Get Dino Command
  • Dino Colour Command

Monthly Gifts

  • $2,000 Salty Coins
  • One (1) Dino of our choice each month you renew. The Dino will get progressively better with each consecutive month. 

ARK Primal Fear Journeyman Rank – $20/month

Starter KIT (S+ wood)

  • 4 foundations
  • 7 walls
  • 1 door frame
  • 1 door
  • 4 ceilings
  • LVL 100 Pteranodon & Saddle


  • 20% Extra Salty Coins per hour
  • 20% Discount in the Shop
  • Dino Colour
  • Teleports access to Obelisks
  • 2x Personal Teleports per map

    Monthly Gifts

    • $4,000 Salty Coins
    • 1x Gender Change Token
    • 1x Dino of our choice each month you renew. The Dino will get progressively better with each consecutive month. 

    ARK Primal Fear Mastercraft Rank – $30/month

    Starter KIT (S+ Stone)

    • 4 foundations
    • 7 walls
    • 1 door frame
    • 1 door
    • 4 ceilings
    • Forge
    • LVL 150 Pteranodon & Saddle
    • LVL 150 Raptor & Saddle


    • 30% Extra Salty Coins per hour
    • 30% Discount in the Shop
    • Dino Colour
    • Dino Insurance (Accidents Only)
    • Teleports access to Obelisks
    • 2x Personal Teleports per map

      TELEPORTS – Cost 50sc

      • $8,000 Salty Coins
      • 3x Gender Change Tokens
      • 1x Dino of our choice each month you renew. The Dino will get progressively better with each consecutive month.

      Check out these!

      ARK Primal Fear Videos

      If you want to look at what ARK Primal Fear looks like, I suggest checking out some of the videos below. We even have an ARK Primal Fear Ultimate Guide video to watch if you get stuck.

      Need Some Help?

      The ARK Primal Fear Server Team

      The Owl Sky

      ARK PArtner

      OG | The OWl Sky

      OG | The Owl Sky is the creator and founder of ARK API and Game Server Hub. He is probably one of the most experienced and knowledge ARK Server admins there is.

      The Owl Sky

      ARK Admin


      Cassius is a very experienced admin. He used to run Minecraft, DayZ and ARK Servers. Now he is an admin for Salty Zombies and helps take care of our ARK Primal Fear Server.

      ARK is a fantastic game, but we know it’s buggy and unoptimized, and when you load up an overhaul mod as complete as Primal Fear, things can go wrong. That’s why we have a crack team of Admins and Moderators here to help keep the server healthy and the community happy and toxic-free.

      If you have any issues, you can open a ticket in our Discord. There is a Help channel. Click on the ARK Button, and a channel will be created between you and the ARK Moderator team. When opening up a ticket, please include as much information s possible.

      Tell The World About ARK Primal Fear

      ARK Primal Fear is one of the most popular ARK Overhaul mod. With regular updates and bug fixes, the creator, Pikkon38, takes care of his community and their collective love for his creation. Yet, surprisingly, not many ARK players know of the ARK Primal Fear Mod, nor are there many popular ARK Primal Fear Servers.

      This is where you come in. We believe many ARK Players are looking for a good ARK community and ARK Primal Fear Server that they can call home. If you are a member of any ARK Discords or Forums, like Reddit, where people are looking for servers to join. Then you can recommend Salty Zombies.

      So if you are interested in helping us grow our ARK servers, you can save this image we have made and advertise it on your social media, Reddit or any ARK forums and communities you might be a part of.

      ARK PVE Poster

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