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Do you love the game ARK where you must survive on a mystery island having all sorts of wildlife including dinosaurs? If so, then the Salty Zombies ARK Discord is a great place to find a community of other fans of the game. On this Ark Discord, there’s everyone from the newbie ARK players to the pros!

With such an active community of different levels of players, you can get a lot of help in case you are stuck anywhere in the game. Our Ark discord is also a great place to find other players to play with using our Salty Zombies ARK PVE server.

Being a fan of the survivor game ARK, you probably love other survivor games as well. Here at Salty Zombies we too are fans of many survivor-type games, especially those with Zombies! Just check out our gaming Discord page to find the discord channel for other survivor games.

Watch SZ staff play Ark on Twitch.

All of our staff at Salty Zombies don’t just enjoy playing ARK, they like streaming it too. Check out the Salty Zombies Twitch Stream Team and watch us play ARK. different survivor games.

Being hardcore gamers, these folks play and stream quite a few survivor games. On our Twitch page mentioned above, you can also watch us play games like Scum, Fallout 76, The Forest, Rust, Valheim,7 Days To Die and many more!


ARK Discord Rules

The aim of the Salty Zombies ARK Discord channels is to have a space where gamers can find and interact with a like-minded community where they don’t have to worry about being bullied or abused in any way. If you do find yourself at the receiving end of any such bullying on the ARK Discord, then contact one of the moderators to resolve the issue.

That does not however mean that we don’t encourage a good debate between gamers with differing views. But, if you feel the discussion is turning a bit aggressive, then it would be best to either end it there or just move to talk to private messaging.

In order to prevent any untoward behaviour, we have a few rules in place, as mentioned below:

  • We do not tolerate any sexism and racism
  • Too much trash talking will get you muted 
  • No promoting any third-party gaming organizations and servers.
  • No promoting any other third-party discord servers
  • No posting any nude/vulgar/obscene videos or memes
  • In order to report abuse, follow the chain of command and report to moderator
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Valheim Group Of Monsters
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What is ARK?

The game story starts with you, as a man or woman depending on the character you selected, stranded naked on the shores of ARK, a mysterious Island. You are starving and freezing, and in order to survive you must now hunt, farm, gather resources, build shelter, research and learn new technologies, craft items and much more!

There’s a lot more to your ARK adventure. On this Island, you can use your skills and resources to either hunt down Leviathan dinosaurs for their meat or tame them and use them for guarding or for riding upon! You are also not the only other players online in the ARK world. Will you team up with the others and survive as a group or will you go solo, where even the other players are your enemies!

There is a lot to the ARK world, as you shall see in the game features mentioned below.

1. Taming & Controlling Dinosaurs

That’s right! In ARK you can actually tame a dinosaur and use it as a pet! A very powerful and useful pet nonetheless. This process is called the Capture & Affinity process where you first weaken one of the 100+ feral creatures by knocking it unconscious. You then help heal the animal by giving it the right food and taking care of it. If done right you would have successfully tamed the feral creature, which will now listen to commands issued by you. Of course, just like in real life, how much the animal listens to you depends on how well it has been trained and tamed.

There are many uses for taming a dinosaur. You can ride on it, and use it to carry your inventory and items like armour, other prey etc. If you tame Pterodactyl, you can even use it to fly over snowy mountains. The Pterodactyl can also be used to rescue allies from enemy territory. Similarly, if you have a pet T-Rex you can simply go berserk in enemy territory. Another interesting thing you can do with your tames is to use two of them from the opposite gender to mate and raise babies. 

2. Consume Food & Water, Deal With Temperature & Weather

Consuming Food & Water is the most basic survival requirement that you must take care of here in ARK as well. The wilderness here is filled with all sorts of food in the form of plants and animals, each having its own nutritional properties. Similarly, you also need to ensure you have a continuous supply of fresh water in your base in order to avoid dehydration. 

The weather conditions are also something you need to take into account in order to ensure your survival. The weather can alter temperatures that have a direct effect on how quickly you get hungry or thirsty. Having a good shelter and proper clothing can help deal with different weather conditions.

3. Harvest Resources, Build Structures, Customise & Paint Items

The shelter is an important part of survival. A good shelter not only protects you from the various elements of nature but also your stash and yourself from enemies. In ARK, you craft numerous items like pillars, beams, doors, and windows, A good shelter helps not just to survive the different weather conditions but also to protect your stash and yourself from enemies. In ARK, you can craft many simple to complex items such as pillars, ramps, beams, doors, windows, gates, generators, trapdoors, wires and much more. These can be put together to build different types of structures. In order to craft these items, you need resources such as wood, metal, and other precious resources.

You should keep in mind the load system that affects each structure. If there is not enough support, your structure will collapse. That is why you should reinforce your buildings and structures. You can also further personalise your different structures by painting them using the colour you prefer. 

4. Blueprints & Resources For Crafting Items

Crafting items require Blueprints that have different qualities and statistics and accordingly need resources You can find more resources in remote and difficult regions of the map such as in the darkest caves and tallest mountains etc.

As you keep performing different actions, your player, as well as your tames, will level up. By learning Engrams, you will be able to craft items without the need for blueprints, directly from memory. This ability remains even if you die!

While exploring the vast world of ARK, you will also find various clues, as 3D explorer notes, left behind by earlier survivors of ARK. Putting together all the clues will make it possible to uncover all the secrets of ARK.

5. Create a Sustainable Supply Of Food Through Farming

You can do farming in ARK to ensure a sustainable supply of food. In order to start farming, you need to first obtain seeds from all the vegetation that you see around you. Then create a farm plot and sow the seed. Water and look after the plants by providing fertilisers and soon you will be able to harvest them for food that can be consumed directly or cooked into nutritious recipes. The more you explore the more your chances of finding seeds that are rare and much more nutritious than regular crops.

6. Summon Mythical Creatures

There are Summon Locations in the ARK world where you can bring in various sacrificial items. These sacrifices help to appease certain mythical creatures in ARK who then lend you a helping hand in battles. For the more experienced players, these also provide a great end-game goal, where you get very valuable items upon defeating these creatures.

7. Build Your Tribe

In ARK you can build your own Tribe by adding your friends to it and survive as a group. Once part of the Tribe, all members can command your tames. Tribe members can also respawn at any home spawn points. Additionally, you can also delegate some of the work by assigning other members as Tribe admins. 

8. Complex Game Mechanics

The ARK world has quite a complex mechanism. All crafted items have limited durability. You must repair these items before they wear out. Additionally, all items can either be looted or stolen by other players. Even when you shut the game, your character still remains in the game world. So in order to protect your stash, you must either build advanced storage,  build a tribe that will protect your stash when you are not there or have a few Tames guarding your items. 

Death in this game is permanent along with high player interactivity. You can kidnap another player and torture them to get something out of them, or even harvest them for blood etc. Captured enemy humans can also be used as food for all your meat-eating Tames.

9. The Meta-Universe Of Ark

As we mentioned in the previous point, your character, along with your tames and structures, remains in the game even if you log off. Using Obelisks, and updating your data with Steam economy, you can make your character travel between different ARK networks. In this huge game galaxy, each ARK will vary from one another, and you can choose to explore each of them. You can also create your own custom Procedurally Generated ARK!

10. Customise Your Game Using Mods & Steam Workshop

The Ark world allows for a lot of gameplay customisation. You can move your character and items between single-player & multiplayer games and also between unofficial servers. utilising a customised unreal engine 4 and Steam workshop you can mod your Ark game. If you’re hosting the server then you can completely configure and customise your Ark game as per your preference.

11. Hyper-Real Visuals & Effects

Utilising the advanced unreal engine 4 the ARK world and all its creatures are brought to life using hyper-real imagery. You will experience different weather elements like fog, rain, snow etc with global illumination and complete dynamic lighting using advanced referring with DirectX11& DirectX12. Even the music is by award-winning composer Gareth Coker.

12. Keep Exploring To Discover More

As you have already seen, The ARK world is a very vast and complex world. Here there are many natural as well as unnatural structures, above the ground, below it, and even underwater. As you explore and discover uncharted territory you will come across many unique creatures and very rare blueprints.

You can also find Explorer notes left behind by previous inhabitants of ARK. Through these notes, you can uncover many of the secrets of this mysterious world. You can also completely customise the ARK world. Create your own Points of Interest, Use GPS coordinates or simply a compass to plan with other players. You could also create Sign boards, to help direct, or misdirect, other players.

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What is Discord?

To put it simply, discord is an app for group chatting. If you’ve used any of the older group chatting apps like mIrc etc, then you will find discord quite similar. However, the user interface of discord is much more advanced, making it easier to use and is probably one of the main reasons for its high popularity. Ever since people have been at home since the Covid pandemic, the popularity of discord has only risen further.

Discord was initially intended for the gaming community to come together, discuss gameplay & strategies, and also play with each other. In recent times, however, discord has gained popularity with other such communities too such as for gardening, cooking etc. People are so comfortable with discord that it has even overtaken Facebook groups in terms of popularity.

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As we’ve mentioned before, all of us at Salty Zombies are hardcore gamers who love playing survivor-type games. Among them, we have a special liking for zombie apocalypse survival games. What this means is that on the SaltyZombies website you can find much more than just the ARK Discord & ARK PVE server. You will find us hosting discord channels, PVE servers and Twitch Streams for many other games like Fallout 76, The Forest, Atlas, Rust, Scum, 7 Days To Die etc.

Since we want to feel right at home on our ARK Discord channel, we have also added some fun activities there for you. Now you can share your pic with others using #mugshots, a cool snap using #photographyor or maybe funny #memes. Don’t want to do much and just chill? You can do that without Music Bot.

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