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If you’re a fan of the multiplayer game Among Us then you must be a true hardcore survivor game fan. In that case, we’re sure you’d like to have a community of other Among Us fans and players. Well, you’re in the right place, the Salty Zombies Among Us Discord is just what you’ve been looking for!

Our Among Us Discord has plenty of players, ranging from the noobs to the pros! So if you need some help at some advanced stage in the game, you can get it here! The more experienced players in our discord are known to help out fellow gamers. Additionally, you can even play against each other on our Among Us PVE server.

Surely, if you’re a fan of Among Us, then like us you too must be a fan of other survivor games. Well, in that case, we got you covered! All of us at Salty Zombies are a fan of survivor games in general, especially the ones with zombies. So just check out our gaming Discord which lists out all the other games that we cover.


Among Us Discord Rules

At Salty Zombies, our aim is to build a community for gamers where they all can mingle with each other, get help, discuss and play together. It is important in this endeavour to ensure the community remains a safe space for all its members. That is why we do not permit any sort of bullying, rude or offensive behaviour by any member.

That, of course, does not imply we discourage debates between players. Debates and discussions are not only permitted, but we encourage you to do it! However, if arguments are getting too heated up then it’s probably time to either continue the discussion through private messaging or simply end it. In case it does get ugly and you are on the receiving end of it, then you can follow the chain of command and report it to one of the moderators. Below given are some of the basic rules that need to be followed during discussions with other members. Note that these rules also apply to the in-game chats.

  • sexist remarks are not allowed
  • racist comments are not allowed
  • promoting/advertising third party Gaming organisations or servers are not allowed
  • promoting/advertising other third party Discord servers are not allowed
  • Too much trash talking will result in muting
  • Nude/Obscene/Vulgar Videos/Pictures/Memes are not allowed
  • Follow the chain of command to report abuse
  • contact the moderator/admin to report abuse
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What is Among Us?

If you really love survivor type games then you’ll enjoy playing Among Us. In this online multiplayer game, you along with other players in the game are on a spaceship trying to get it to take off. However, the twist is that one or more players among your crew is an imposter whose aim is to kill everyone on board! And that is where the name Among Us comes from.

This game was initially created as a party game and we too recommend playing it with friends over a Lan network. You can also play over the internet with other players from around the world. Each game has 4-15 players. You can even enjoy a cross-platform game between people using PC, IOS, Nintendo and Android. Soon it will also be available on PlayStation and Xbox too!

What is Discord?

Although Discord is mainly just a chatting app, it has become tremendously popular as a group chatting app. It is similar to older apps like mIRC, however, the much more user-friendly UI and features have made Discord much more popular.

Although Discord was initially aimed at gamers to discuss gameplay, strategy and play together, it was soon adopted by other online communities like Dating, cooking, gardening etc. The Covid pandemic which had everyone sitting at home boosted Discord’s popularity even further! It is now the preferred group discussion platform leaving behind platforms like Facebook groups etc.

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When it comes to survivor type games, all of us at Salty Zombies are total nerds and we love playing all of them! What that means is that we do much more than just hosting the Among Us discord and PVE server. We do the same for loads of other survivor type games as well, especially if it got zombies!

Some of the other games that we have a discord channel and PVE server for include RUST, SCUM, DayZ, VALHIEM, 7 Days to Die etc. We’ve also tried making our discord channels more fun so you can enjoy hanging out there. You can use #Memes to share something funny with the community. Or #Mugshots to share a personal pic or #Photography to share some good photographs. Or you can just chill and listen to some songs using our Music Bot. So, go on join our Among Us discord today and let’s have some fun!

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