About Us


Largest 7 Days To Die Server

Salty Zombies is the largest 7 days to die server with over 100 slots, meaning the Server is capable of holding 100 players. Although we have not had that many at any one time. The resources are there. It also means the server runs super smooth almost all the time.

100% Dedicated Server

Some Servers state they are “Dedicated” but are actually VPS’s (Virtual Private Servers) And there can be up to 20 VPS’s on 1 Dedicated Server. So yes, they have a dedicated server… Split between 20 other people. Salty Zombies is 100% dedicated server. The only people using the entire server is us.

Custom Map

Our Map is not Navezgane nor is it Random Gen, its a 100% customized map with normal POI’s and hand built POI’s – It has a highway built in that stretches from one end of the map to the other with traders along the way.


Salty Zombies was founded by Namsaknoi and Starlord after years of playing on 100’s of servers the two had come up with some epic ideas to improved the 7 Days To Die experience. On its first launched the server reached max capacity (30 slots). With the over whelming support of the server community, Salty Zombies just continues to expand. In less than 2 months it became 7 days to die most active server. Not long after that it was the most consistently populated server and ranked number 1 on the charts.

Dedicated Server 100%
Active Admins 100%
Bot Manager 100%
Server Up Time 99.3%
Supportive Community 100%
Team PvP 100%


The 2 guys that made it happen from the very beginning and continue to keep things moving, progressing and expanding.


The admins on the server a happy, helpful and very laid back people. Feel free to ask them anything as they are all very experiences 7 Days To Die players. Want to know more? Click on which admin you would like to read more about.