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Joining the Salty Zombies Team

“Expectations, Daily Responsibilities, and Guides.”

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So your thinking about applying to be a moderator at Salty Zombies? Well, first thing first, you have to wait until we open up the recruitment process. When we announce recruitment being open in our Discord, there will be a Google Docs form to fill out. Our team will review these forms, and if you pass, you will be selected to take an interview. Passing the interview process and you will start as a Salty Zombies mod recruit.

On this page, I have written a little guide/to-do list of things we expect from a moderator at Salty Zombies. In essence, you guys are the first line of defence when it comes to upholding the server rules and the morale of our community. We need to keep them happy, feel like they are being looked after, and keep their gaming experience positive.

Prerequisites for moderator applications

23+ Years Old

We have a minimum age requirement. I know there are very mature young people out there. But as a rule of thumb, you have to be 23 or older to apply to be a moderator at Salty Zombies.

Game Knowledge

To be able to help the community who might have trouble with the game, you will need to have a decent amount of experience in the game you are moderating.

Very Active

We don’t have a minimum amount of time in mind, but being active and present in Discord and the server is a big part of being a moderator. If you can only play for a few hours a week, you won’t be around much to help anyone.

3 Months Minimum

You must be actively chatting, and playing with the Salty Zombies community for a minimum of 3 months. Before applying to be a moderator. We check all past communications of each applicant and being a helpful member helps.

Salty Zombies Mission/Vision Statment

Coming soon

What is expected from you as an SZ mod?

Tickets and Support

One of the many things the community find impressive at Salty Zombies is how fast we fix issues and respond to tickets. It’s something we pride ourselves on to make the community feel supported and looked after. We have a ticket system in our Discord. When a player creates a ticket for their selected game, it will ping those moderators for that game. Moderators of other games will not be able to see these tickets.

If a ticket opens for 7D2D and you get pinged, please respond to it as quickly as possible. Even if they haven’t written anything yet, ask them, “What can I help you with?” And if it’s an issue that you are unsure of or cannot solve. Just let them know that someone is looking into it. By tagging the person you believe could solve the issue.

Welcoming People in Discord

An essential aspect of being a moderator is making the community feel welcome, supported and looked after. So as soon as you see a new person enter Discord, you must welcome them and create a dialogue. Don’t just say, “Hi, welcome.” say their name and open up with a question. Something like “Hey @Namsaknoi, welcome to Salty Zombies. What bought you here?” Or “Which game are you interested in playing?”. We want to start a conversation with them, get to know them a little better and make them feel part of the community soon as possible.

Supporting the community

If it’s one thing we all know about gaming, that’s the bugs that come with our favourite games. As a result, many community members will have problems with either not knowing something about the game or getting stuck in a glitch and needing help getting out. Our Discord has a unique ticket support system where members can open up tickets. Part of your job as a moderator is to assist and answer these tickets as soon as possible.

Presence on the server

We expect a certain amount of time played on your designated server or game. So having a presence on the server is very important. Community members playing on the server will be happier knowing a moderator is present. You get a unique moderator colour in-game chat. So every time you speak, they will see that a moderator is present.

Being active in Discord coms

Similar to the one about “Being Present On The Server”. We want our moderators to chat in public and be present in Discord voice channels. So even if no one else is in there, jump in the coms, and people will join you. If you see a channel that hasn’t had much chatting, write something like “How are we all doing today?” or “Has anyone seen the new Fast & Furious 19 movie yet?”. People who join our Discord will usually take a quick look around. If they see an inactive Discord, they might leave. However, they will most likely stick around if they see a Discord with new chatter and many people in the voice channels.

Phase 1 Becoming Mod Recruit

As a Mod Recruit, you will be on a 2-month probation period that all our recruits go through before becoming fully pledged Moderators. During this time, an admin will train you in what is needed and what you can do to help and grow the community. After that, you will be assigned to a server you must play on and help manage.

We try to keep you on the server of your choosing, but sometimes this is not always possible. However, this doesn’t mean you can not help out on another server. For example, if a player on another server is asking for help in Discord, but their current mods are offline or busy, you can always jump into that server to see how you can help. But primarily, you stay and play on your server.

Depending on the game, you will be given access to some basic commands and be taught how to aid players in certain situations and keep the peace. Please do not abuse these commands, as we will know about it, which will result in your removal as a moderator.

Commands specific to Mod Recruits

/FT & /RT

/ft – Short for “Fly To” if a player has an issue that requires you to teleport to them. Then you can use the /ft command. For example /ft Namsaknoi – You can use abbreviations of the name like /ft Nam, but if someone else has a name that has “Nam” in it, like “Namaste” or “MyNameIsMike”, then you might end up teleporting to them. So, the best bet is to use their full name.

Also, note that if they have a space in their name like John Smith, then you will have to use quotations. For Example, /ft “John Smith”. Finally, to go back to where you were, type in /rt, which is short for “Return.

/FT Coordinates

You can also fly to a set of coordinates. If there is an issue at a location and no one is there for you to teleport to, you can teleport to those coordinates by typing in /ft [coordinates]. For example, /ft 435n 1398w

/arrest and /release

Jail time – If a player is physically disruptive in some form and you need to move them to a secure location. Go to the console [F1], type arrest [player name], and then hit enter. For example, arrest Namsaknoi. To release someone from jail, you type in [F1] console – release [players name] example release Namsaknoi. If you have any problems, let an admin know and only use the commands when you have no other choice.

/Mute & /Unmute

Sometimes in the heat of the moment, people can get very frustrated and crazy. It could be an argument between 2 players or multiple players. It happens. When they are in that moment, they are not even listening to what you are saying.

If they are raging uncontrollably, and ignore your warnings or de-escalation tactics, you can Mute them. You can do this by using the command /mute [player name], and once things have settled you can do /unmute [player name]

If that command for some reason doesn’t work you can use this one in the F1 console “mcp [Entity I.D] true”  and “mcp [Entity I.D] false” to Unmute them. To find out the player’s entity ID, you can do LP in the console. check below. Example of this command: mcp 1797 true

Please note:

Do not use any moderator commands outside of helping someone who has requested it. For example, abusing the /FT command in 7 Days To Die by teleporting to your friends or a player to give them something is not allowed.

You are only permitted to use the commands if the situation to use this is directly for helping a member of the community. Abusing or show boating your moderator abilities will result in you losing them.

Becoming a Full Moderator

Congratulations, you have made it past the probation period. As a fully pledge moderator, you have some additional powers, a couple of perks and a few extra Discord channels to watch.

Full Mod Command: /spawnhorde

This command can only be used on horde nights. For example, suppose the server is being slack and not producing enough zombies on horde night. Then, you, as a moderator, can type in /Spawnhorde. This command will spawn in 20 zombies in random locations about 80 blocks from your current position and try and attack you. You can teleport to different people around the map and type in /spawnhorde so everyone can get a decent horde night.


Full Mod Command: /mv

This is a teleport command where you can move one player to another or to a set of coordinates. For example, Kraag could teleport Namsaknoi to Baptizer by typing in chat /mv Namsaknoi Baptizer. Whichever name is first is the player that’s going to be teleported. You can also move players to a particular location if you know the coordinates by typing in /mv Namsaknoi 342n 1744w


If a player gets robbed, you use the CSMM Player Trader to find out who it is. However, sometimes the thief might not have a base or still has all the items they stole in their inventory. If you believe this to be the case, you should empty your own inventory and use the command /CloneInv [Player Name]. This will duplicate the player’s inventory onto you so you can return the items. 


An easy way to bring a player to you. Just type /Get [Player Name] to teleport them to you.


Sometimes when players claim a plot in Donor City, the protection doesn’t always get removed, or not fully anyway. To resolve this issue, you can go into the server, stand right in the middle of the plot where they should put the LCB down and type in chat /fixplot. This should resolve any issues/glitches and hopefully, fix the donor’s plot.

Moderator Perks

As a full pledge moderator, you get the same perks a Tier 5 $100 donor would get, plus an initiation Salty Zombies T-Shirt. To receive your perks when you are in the game, type /Mod. However, the Moderator perks are for you and you alone.

Do not give away or sell your Salty Tokens, deco workbench, candy machine etc. Nor go into another server, do /Mod and give those tokens/items to a player. We can not stack your teleport or coin multiplier if you are already a donor.

Becoming a Senior Moderator

Becoming a senior moderator doesn’t really have a time limit or probation. How and when you are promoted is based on how active and helpful you have been as a normal moderator. It also depends a lot on trust, loyalty and diligence in dealing with situations. The higher up the ranks you go, the more we look at your life skills, how you deal with people, how the community sees you. There are no real tangible perquisites, but the best way to describe it is by having a decent head on your shoulders.

As a senior moderator, you are given basic access to our Data Center, giving you the power to reboot the servers or turn them on or off as needed. You will also be slowly trained and exposed to how we operated. If you show potential, a willingness to learn, and can help the admin with admin responsibilities. You might be invited to learn what they do and how they do it, grooming you for the future admin position.

When you become a senior moderator have more perks than your previous moderator rank and you are given a custom Salty Zombies t-shirt. This t-shirt has your gamer tag on each sleeve and the Salty Zombies “Don’t Be Salty” tag line on the back.

Senior Mod Perks

As a full pledge moderator, you get the same perks a Tier 6 $200 donor would get, plus an initiation Salty Zombies T-Shirt. To receive your perks when you are in the game, type /Mod. However, the Moderator perks are for you and you alone.

Do not give away or sell your Salty Tokens, deco workbench, candy machine etc. Nor go into another server, do /Mod and give those tokens/items to a player. We can not stack your teleport or coin multiplier if you are already a donor.


As a full moderator, you get access to live maps. These are interactive maps of the current server. They allow you to see the entire map, including player locations, what’s in their inventory, LCB locations, where zombies are on the map etc. You get access to these maps to help and aid the admin and players. We give you access with the understanding you won’t use it to your playing advantage, like to find out where the big POI’s are or trader locations. Below are the links to the live maps:

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