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So your thinking about applying to be a moderator at Salty Zombies? Well, first thing first, you have to wait until we open up the recruitment process. When we announce recruitment being open in our Discord, there will be a Google Docs form to fill out. Our team will review these forms, and if you pass, you will be selected to take an interview. Passing the interview process and you will start as a Salty Zombies mod recruit.

On this page, I have written a little guide/to-do list of things we expect from a moderator at Salty Zombies. In essence, you guys are the first line of defence when it comes to upholding the server rules and the morale of our community. We need to keep them happy, feel like they are being looked after, and keep their gaming experience positive.

Prerequisites for moderator applications

21+ Years Old

We have a minimum age requirement. I know there are very mature young people out there. But as a rule of thumb, you have to be 21 or older to apply to be a moderator at Salty Zombies.

Game Knowledge

To be able to help the community who might have trouble with the game, you will need to have a decent amount of experience in the game you are moderating.

Social Media

Part of your responsibilities as a moderator at Salty Zombies is helping the community grow. We primarily do that using Facebook. So having a Facebook account will help a lot.

Real Photos

At Salty Zombies, we believe in breaking down the standard anonymity most communities have by hiding behind avatars. If you have a problem showing your real photo in public, then you should not apply.

Very Active

We don’t have a minimum amount of time in mind, but being active and present in Discord and the server is a big part of being a moderator. If you can only play for a few hours a week, you won’t be around much to help anyone.

3 Months Minimum

You must be actively chatting, and playing with the Salty Zombies community for a minimum of 3 months. Before applying to be a moderator. We check all past communications of each applicant and being a helpful member helps.

What is expected from you as an SZ 7D2D moderator?

Welcoming People in Discord

An essential aspect of being a moderator is making the community feel welcome, supported and looked after. So as soon as you see a new person enter Discord, you must welcome them and create a dialogue. Don’t just say, “Hi, welcome.” say their name and open up with a question. Something like “Hey @Namsaknoi, welcome to Salty Zombies. What bought you here?” Or “Which game are you interested in playing?”. We want to start a conversation with them, get to know them a little better and make them feel part of the community soon as possible.

Promote & Grow SZ community (Hype Squad)

Another aspect of being a Salty Zombies moderator is to help us grow. Salty Zombies has become a safe haven for many gamers, and we believe many people out there could do with a support community. You will go through some basic methods to help grow the community during your recruitment training.

Supporting the community

If it’s one thing we all know about gaming, that’s the bugs that come with our favourite games. As a result, many community members will have problems with either not knowing something about the game or getting stuck in a glitch and needing help getting out. Our Discord has a unique ticket support system where members can open tickets. Part of your responsibility is to assist and answer these tickets in a timely manner.

Presence on the server

We expect a certain amount of time played on your designated server or game. So having a presence on the server is very important. Community members playing on the server will be happier knowing a moderator is present. You get a unique moderator colour in-game chat. So every time you speak, they will see that a moderator is present. Don’t worry. We have no predetermined set or minimum hours required. Play as and when you can. But if you have a holiday, need a break or will be spending time away. Do let us know so we can make adjustments. 

Being active in Discord coms

Similar to the one about “Being Present On The Server”. We want our moderators to chat in public and be present in Discord voice channels. So even if no one else is in there, jump in the coms, and people will join you. If you see a channel that hasn’t had much chatting, write something like “How are we all doing today?” or “Has anyone seen the new Fast & Furious 19 movie yet?”. People who join our Discord will usually take a quick look around. If they see an inactive Discord, they might leave. However, they will most likely stick around if they see a Discord with new chatter and many people in the voice channels.

Real Photos and Bio

You probably noticed in our Discord and on our website that the Salty Zombies team use their real photo as a profile picture. We know the gaming world can be toxic. But we believe in breaking the barrier and building a more personal relationship with our community, and we do that by showing you who we are. We no longer hide behind random avatars of people we played with for years, and by doing this, many of our community members have done the same. If having your real photo on our website or Discord is a problem. Then let us know, and we can work something out.

#1 Rule of Fight Club!

Just like the famous film, Fight Club. We do not relay any information said in staff channels, coms or meetings to the public. Regardless of how harmless and insignificant you may feel, that information might be. Doing so will result in your immediate removal.

Phase 1 Becoming Mod Recruit

As a Mod Recruit, you will be on a 2-month probation period that all our recruits go through before becoming fully pledged Moderators. During this time, an admin will train you in what is needed and what you can do to help and grow the community. After that, you will be assigned to a server you must play on and help manage.

We try to keep you on the server of your choosing, but sometimes this is not always possible. However, this doesn’t mean you can not help out on another server. For example, if a player on another server is asking for help in Discord, but their current mods are offline or busy, you can always jump into that server to see how you can help. But primarily, you stay and play on your server.

Mod Recruit Commands

You are given unique superpowers and features to help you attend to the community. Firstly, your in-game name will be a different colour from everyone else’s. This will indicate to the community that you are an SZ staff member.

You are also given this and a new role in Discord. You are also given access to commands regular players do not have. HOWEVER, only use them when assisting a player. All commands used are logged, and if we see someone abusing their new powers, they will be stepped down as a moderator.

/ft [player name]

If a player needs assistance that requires your presence, you can type in /ft, which stands for “Fly To”, and then their name. For example, /ft Namsaknoi – this is done in the game chat. If the player had a space in their name, you would need to use quotations, for example, a player called Jim Brown. You will have to type in chat /ft “Jim Brown”

/mute & /unmute [Player Name]

If an argument breaks out or someone is being overly toxic. Try to de-escalate the situation. If that fails or they are simply not listing to you, you can mute them by typing in chat /mute [player name]. Remember, you will still have to use “quotations” if their name has a space in it. For example, /mute “Jim Brown”. This will mute their in-game chat and voice in the game. So they will have no way of talking to you. They can still read, chat and hear you.

Get [Player Name]

This one is relatively simple. It pulls the player to your location. For example,/Get Namsaknoi would pull me to your current location. Again use “Quotations” if the player has a space in their name.

Discord Ticket System & Common Issues

We have a Discord ticket system. Anyone in our Discord can go to the #Help channel and open a ticket by clicking on the button of the game they have an issue with. The ticket bot will generate a channel starting with the game’s name and the Discord member’s name. So, for example, if Rdois made a ticket because he was having an issue on 7 Days To Die, the bot would create a ticket called “7D2D – Rdois”

Quick Links To Ingame Shop

#2 Rule of Fight Club!

Do not use any moderator commands outside of helping someone who has requested it. For example, abusing the /FT command in 7 Days To Die by teleporting to your friends or a player to give them something is not allowed. You are only permitted to use the commands if the situation to use this is directly for helping a member of the community. Abusing or show boating your moderator abilities will result in you losing them.

Becoming a Full Moderator

Congratulations, you have made it past the probation period. As a fully pledge moderator, you have some additional powers, a couple of perks and a few extra Discord channels to watch. Before being promoted to a full moderator, you must first give Nams your photo and 600-word bio for our website’s Meet The Team page. You will not be promoted until then.

Full Mod Commands

Again, quick reminder. Do not abuse the powers that we have entrusted to you.

/arrest [player name]

Suppose a player is causing havoc by annoying other players by setting them on fire, snooping around another player’s base, or just general griefing. Or, for example, setting off the Drop Mining alert over and over, or someone’s base got stolen from, and this player was the culprit. You can arrest them by typing in-game chat /arrest [player name]. They will be teleported to our premade prison. There are signs in this prison telling them to contact a staff member on Discord.

/release [Player Name]

Self-explanatory really. This command is to release the person who is in prison and has been arrested. Once released, they will still be in jail. It’s up to them to get out by teleporting away using a saved teleport or using /bed. You can use the following command below if they don’t have a bed and can’t teleport out.

/mvw [player name] [way point]

This one moves any player to a preset waypoint that’s already been made. These waypoints are usually made by admins, like /trader/city/prison or /horde. So, if you wanted to, for whatever reason, move a player to a waypoint, say they are stuck, and you want to move them to the Donor City. You can type in /mvw Namsaknoi city

Full Mod Perks

  • Initial Salty Zombies Graduation T-Shirt
  • Discord Nitro
  • 2x Salty Coin Multiplier
  • 4x Salty Tokens
  • 6x Teleport Locations
  • VIP Trader Access
  • Deco Work Bench
  • Bag Insurance
  • Coin Insurance
  • Level Insurance
  • 1x Candy Machine
  • 1x Player Vending Machine
  • 1x Plot in Donor City

If you are already a Donor, we can not stack all your moderator and donor perks together. Not because we don’t want to but because we can’t. What we can’t stake are teleports, coin multipliers and donor plots. We can give you everything else in addition to whatever tier donor you already are.

Quick Links to Live Maps

Here are links to the live maps. We don’t permit the players to view the live map. Even if they had the link, they could not see anything. We give you guys, as full moderators, access to the live map to help attend with tickets that may require it. Please do not use them to give yourself an advantage in the game or show it to other players.

You do not have access to the PVP Live Map. But the button is there for admins’ reference.

#3 Rule of Fight Club!

Please note the Moderator perks are for you, and you alone. Do not give away or sell your Salty Tokens, deco workbench, candy machine etc. Nor go into another server do /moderator and give those tokens/items to another moderator or player. Also, note that moderators do not get donor plots, personal traders, or Personal Discord coms, nor have their own donor teleports stack with the mod perks.

Becoming a Senior Moderator

The average time frame to get to this rank is 1 year of active service.

Becoming a senior moderator doesn’t really have a time limit or probation. How and when you are promoted is based on how active and helpful you have been as a normal moderator. It also depends a lot on trust, loyalty and diligence in dealing with situations. The higher up the ranks you go, the more we look at your life skills, how you deal with people, how the community sees you. There are no real tangible perquisites, but the best way to describe it is by having a decent head on your shoulders.

As a senior moderator, you are given basic access to our Data Center, giving you the power to reboot the servers or turn them on or off as needed. You will also be slowly trained and exposed to how we operated. If you show potential, a willingness to learn, and can help the admin with admin responsibilities. You might be invited to learn what they do and how they do it, grooming you for the future admin position.

When you become a senior moderator have more perks than your previous moderator rank and you are given a custom Salty Zombies t-shirt. This t-shirt has your gamer tag on each sleeve and the Salty Zombies “Don’t Be Salty” tag line on the back.


Again, quick reminder. Do not abuse the powers that we have entrusted to you.

Becoming an Admin

At Salty Zombies, being an admin is no joke. So many servers brag about how many moderators and admins they have, yet none even know how to install a modlet or edit an XML file. It’s not about quantity. It’s about quality. Every Salty Zombies admin has the ability to run, manage and maintain a successful 7 Days To Die server.

When and if you become an admin, you get a customized Salty Zombies Hoody. This hoody has your gamer name going right down the sleeves and the Salty Zombies tagline “Don’t be Salty” on the back. The admin’s perks are almost infinite. They can play like normal players or relax and build something on the server in creative menu or a mix of both.

What is not allowed is to do something to the server that would be detrimental to it and its community. E.G, give a bunch of items to players out of creative or add items to their vending machine that they got from the creative menu. Or do something stupid like fly to the top of POI’s to loot them. This stuff is fairly obvious, but you will be surprised by some of the stories we have heard from other servers.

Becoming an Seinor Admin

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