A List Of All The 7 Days to Die Zombie Types.

Welcome to the 7 days to die zombies types article, here we have listed and written all the zombies that are currently in the game. We have also mentioned some techniques you can use to combat them and their threat level. The story behind their demise is completely made up though for humour. We actually don’t know anything about them. We have to wait for The Fun Pimps to come up with actual biographies for each zombie.

We also mention and listed the 7 days to die zombie types from the modded servers like Ravenhearst and Darkness Falls so be sure to check them out if you haven’t already.

7 Days To Die Zombies are split up into multiple categories. Firstly, you have normal zombies that are fairly easy to kill, they have low health points and don’t do to much damage. Then you have your tougher zombies that are bigger with more HP and do more damage. After that you have your special zombies that might not be nesseserly harder to kill but just have unique abilties. For example, the Screamer is very easy to kill and doesn’t do much damage but yet if she screams she spawns in a group of zombies to help her, or the crawler/spider zombie. Also not very tough but jumps great distance to close the gap and attack you. He also, hits your legs which can break or sprain them.

All these zombies also have a feral and radiated version of themselfs. 


Putrid Girl

About Arlene

Arlene was a simple lady, single, hardworking girl, with a full-time job as a cashier at the local Shamway. She gets her nickname “Putrid Girl” because she was one of the first to turn. Her flesh has been rotten away the entire time and gives of the foulest of smells. You can smell her coming a mile away and poses very little threat.

How to combat

She is slow, smells pretty bad and has low HP. A couple of bullets should do the trick, even her feral and radiated counterparts are not hard to deal with.

  • Threat Level Low 20% 20%

Zombie Joe

Festering Corpse

About Joe

Joe was one of the more popular guys in the village. Did pretty well with the ladies, kept himself in shape, etc He worked in Shotgun Messiah which is probably where he gets his “Festering Corpse” name from. Since he has a lot of gunshots wounds that are getting pretty septic. Looks like he turned whilst at work and they tried to put him down not realising only headshot work.

How to combat

He is quite slow, with low HP and does low damage. Try to do what his colleagues failed to do and throw a few in the head and he will be put down permanently.

  • Threat Level Low 20% 20%

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