7 Days To Die Zombies Types

After the success of my article on the different zombie types in 7 Days To Die, I decided to create a video explaining and showing the basics. It’s worthwhile watching the video (below) and reading the article to get a full rundown of everything you need to know about 7 Days To Die Zombies.

An all you need to know article on the 7 Days To Die Zombies types. What are they, how to deal with them and when to expect them. There are quite a few variations of zombies in 7 Days To Die, and then there are variations of those variations. Not to mention the special infected zombies with their unique abilities.

We are going to be talking about the vanilla 7 days to die zombies. Not any of the unique zombies from overhaul mods such as Ravenhearst or Darkness Falls. If you are playing on a 7 Days To Die server and you see a zombie that’s not listed here, then it’s probably a modded server that has added extra zombies.

Also, note that despite the different types of zombies and the many variations of zombies that you will see. Their difficulty is also manipulated by the game difficulty level that you set. The harder you make the game, the more damage they do to you and the less damage they take. Check out the table below to see how the 7 Days To Die zombies are affected by game difficulty level.


The 3 main types of 7 Days To Die Zombies

There are 3 main zombies variations. Regular Zombies, which is the zombie’s basic form. Feral Zombies which is the same zombie but with glowing orange eyes. The feral zombies hit harder, have more health points and run during the day. You will come across feral zombies as your 7D2D gamestage gets higher. They are pretty hard to spot as you walk into a POI with sleeping zombies inside, but once they wake up, you will soon know if they are feral or not.

The hardest type of zombie is the Radiated ones. These are easy to spot as they glow green and can be seen from far away, especially at night. These zombies not only hit hard, but they take a lot of bullets to put down. On top of that, they continually healing as well, you can prevent this though by equipping a Rad Remover on the weapon your holding. This will stop the healing and increase damage output to the weapon its equip on. Check out the image below. It’s the Biker Zombies in all 3 forms. Notice the subtle difference between the regular biker zombie and the feral one; it’s only in the eyes:

7 Days To Die Zombies Types

Normal 7 Days To Die Zombies

So you have the 7 days to die zombies in their 3 different forms, normal, feral and radiate. But you also have different zombies themselves that pose significant threats than others. For example, the biker zombies pictured above is a tough zombie even in normal form. He will hit harder and take more effort to take down than say a stripper or cheerleader. Then you have special infected zombies. These guys have special abilities that could ruin your day pretty fast.

In the image below, you will see your average easy to kill zombies. None of them poses any real threat, and at the beginning of your game, you could probably punch them down, or use your wooden club. All these zombies have a feral and radiated version of themselves, so be on the lookout.

7 Days To Die Easy Zombies Types

The Tough Zombies

The zombies below are a lot tougher then the ones you have seen above. They have no special powers besides the fact they hit very hard and have a lot of HP. Especially the soldier, he has armour on which you can hear when you shoot or hit him. It sounds like your hitting something metal. The lumberjack zombie you will only find in the snow biome, and the soldier can be found in military or research POIs. (POI = Place of Interest). If you come across any of these zombies, stay far away and try to take them down from a distance.

7 Days To Die Tougher Zombies

7 Days To Die Special Zombies

These zombies pose great threats if not dealt with swiftly. They all have unique abilities that could end you pretty quick. In the middle of the photo, you will see a zombies football player. I have left him out because as of Alpha 20, he will be removed. So let’s start with the most famous zombie in all zombie style games, the Screamer.


She is pretty easy to kill, but if she sees you, she will let out a cringing scream that will spawn in 5 other zombies that will run to her location. And she can do this multiple times. So, if you don’t take her out quick, you could find your self suddenly surrounded by an army of zombies.

The Cop

This guy is a particularly tough one, not only can he hit hard and has a significant amount of HP. He can also vomit a type of green acid on you from a great distance. But his biggest trick is when he gets to low health you will hear his heartbeat racing. This means he is about to explode damaging everything around him. You do not want this to happen inside your base.

Spider Zombie

The spider zombies is not actually a spider, just a dude on all fours and strangely enough, he can’t climb up walls like a spider. But what he can do is jump great distances and heights. So if you think your safe behind a wall, think again. He also hits your legs, spraining them or braking them. This can be a problem if you are trying to run away from multiple zombies.


This dude is pretty weak and slow, but like the spider zombie, he too hits the legs, spraining them or breaking them. His unique ability is being able to crawl through one block gaps. Most zombies need two block gaps to pass, enabling him to be pretty sneaky.

The Burnt Zombie

Mr Crispy here is pretty weak and slow, nor does he have a feral or radiated version of himself. But if he gets close enough to hit you, there is a good chance he will set you on fire. This can cause a lot of damage to you if you don’t deal with it quickly. You put the fire out by drinking something, anything and the burning will stop. You will find this zombie in the burnt biome or any POI that has a burnt area in it.

Wight Zombie

Wight means “a person of a specified kind, especially one regarded as unfortunate.” this zombie doesn’t have any particular powers or special abilities besides being very tough to take down and very hard-hitting. He can do a lot of damage to your base in a short amount of time if his presence is left unattended. You will see him mostly on horde nights and in POI’s as your Game Stage gets higher.

7 Days To Die Special Zombies

The Demolisher

The most dangerous zombie of them all, the demolisher. This guy looks like he used to be part of the demo team and has a bright green light on his chest. Whatever you do, do not shoot anywhere near the green light. If a stray bullet so happens to hit that light, it will turn red and start flashing with a beeping sound. A short time after he will explode obliterating anything around him, including other zombies. The explosion is a lot more powerful than the cop’s, so make sure you take him down quickly and aim for the head. You will only see the Demolish during the later horde nights. So make sure your base is nice and strong, and pack some AP ammo with you to take him down before he gets to close.

7 Days to Die Demolisher

Best way to deal with zombies

The best thing you can do when it comes to facing a zombie is to take it out from a distance. When faced with multiple zombies, an excellent technique to use is called “kiting”. This is where you get the zombies out in the open and walk backwards in a straight line. The zombies will path towards you and eventually will all line up in one line, making them easier to shot. If you miss the zombie in front, you probably hit the one behind. And if you have a shotgun type of weapon or penetrator perk, the bullets will go through one zombie and damaged multiple zombies behind it.

In general, keep your wits about you and don’t forget to look up. If you want to know more about the zombie animals, then check out our 7 Days To Die Animals guide. And if you have any questions, feel free to jump on my Twitch page and ask away.




Namsaknoi is the founder of Salty Zombies. He loves post-apocalyptic games like the Fallout series and zombie survival. He always says if he ever won the lottery he would love to make a game. You can check out his live streams on his Twitch Page

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