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7 Days To Die How To Upgrade A Wooden Frame

“Its not just wooden blocks you can upgrade in 7 Days To Die”

7 Days To Die Upgrade Wood Frame Video

Building a strong base is one of the most important things you’ll need to accomplish in 7 Days To Die, otherwise, you will be overrun on every Blood Moon.

If you don’t want to read the article, I have made a video titled 7 Days To Die Upgrade Wood Frame. It explains not just upgrading wooden frames in 7 Days To Die but also all the blocks and the tools used and needed to upgrade them.

7 Days To Die How To Upgrade Wood Frame

Welcome to “How to Upgrade Wood Frame in 7 Days To Die”. First off, let me tell you that I had to do this exact google search, so don’t feel bad about getting stuck on something you will learn to be so simple. But, unfortunately, 7 Days To Die doesn’t help explain the basics or have any helpful in-game tutorials or guides.

Once you’ve placed your Wood Frame down, you must equip Stone Axe and hold down the right mouse button on the mouse or by Holding L2 on the PlayStation or on the XBox until the right wooden frame is fully upgraded. To upgrade the wooden frame, you must ensure you have wood in your inventory.

Other tools that can be used to upgrade frames are Claw Hammer and Nail Gun. As you hover over the Wood Frame block, you will see a percentage bar. This bar will display how much more is needed to finish upgrading the Wood Frame. Upgrade materials will not be taken from your inventory until you have reached 100% of the upgrade.

To upgrade a Wood Frame to a Wood Block, you will need 8 Wood in your inventory for each Wood Frame you want to upgrade. From there, you can upgrade the wooden block to Cobblestone, Concrete, and Steel, the strongest block in the game.

Tools Used To Upgrade Wooden Frames In 7 Days To Die

There are a variety of tools you can use to upgrade your wooden frames in 7D2D, the first one you will get is the stone axe which you would have crafted as part of the beginner quests. This is the slowest way to upgrade those wooden frames. Using better tools does not lessen the material costs needed for the upgrade. It just speeds the process up. Regardless of the tool used to upgrade the wooden frames in 7 Days To Die, the material cost will always remain the same.

Stone Axe

3x hits to fully upgrade the wooden frame

7 Days To Die Stone Axe

Claw Hammer

2x hits to fully upgrade the wooden frame

7 Days To Die Claw Hammer

Nail Gun

1x hits to fully upgrade the wooden frame

7 Days To Die Nail Gun

Why Upgrade Your Wood Frame In 7 Days To Die?

The main point of the game 7 Days To Die is to survive the Blood Moon Hordes that happen every 7 days. The hordes that come will get stronger and tougher the higher your Game Stage gets. So, you will need to build a more robust and bigger base. You will also need to add traps to survive the later blood moons. So learning how to upgrade wood frames in 7 Days To Die is essential. Each upgrade increased the health points, enabling your base to take more damage and being harder to break into, either by zombies or other players.

7 Days To Die How to Upgrade Wood Frame

Material Costs to Upgrade Your Wood Frame In 7 Days To Die?

You only need 8 wood to upgrade the wooden frame into a wooden block. From there, it’s more complicated. If you would like to upgrade to the next stronger block, cobblestone. Then you need to get some stone and clay and mix it to get cobblestone. You need 10 cobblestones to upgrade from wooden block to cobblestone block.

To upgrade the 7 Days To Die Wood Frame beyond cobblestone into concrete block, you will need cement. You can make cement by putting stone into your forge and smelting it into cement. Once you have a lot of cement, you will need more stone, sand and a cement mixer to make “Mix Concrete”. It takes 10 mixed concrete to turn one cobblestone block into a concrete block.

Lastly, upgrading to the strongest block in the game, steel. This requires you to be at a certain level in the game where you have unlocked the ability to make steel from your forge. It requires you to smelt a lot of iron since it takes iron and clay to make steel. But once you have it, you can upgrade your concrete blocks to steel blocks. 10 steel to upgrade 1 block of concrete.


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