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7 Days To Die Update Console

“Everything you need to know about the console updates for 7D2D”

Tweets about the 7 Days To Die Console Update by TFP

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You read that right. The Fun Pimps has announced they are working on a console update for 7 Days To Die. Or perhaps more accurately put “new version for console” So finally, the console players can stop their whining on every post TFP makes on their Twitter/Facebook pages. This news comes not long after they announced they teamed up with Xbox Game Pass and now have 7 Days To Die available for all game pass subscribers.

So what does “new version” mean? Some speculate that it won’t be an update, nor will it be ported to the older versions of the console, just to the new next-generation ones, PS5 and Series X. However, Rick said during the A20 Dev Streams that they wanted to update the console version and ported to the older generation consoles.

I knew they had in mind to update the console version soon when Alpha 20 was released when they changed the player profile files from using Steam IDs to EOS IDs. EOS is whats used for crossplay. So they already had in mind for PC, Xbox, and Playstation players to all be able to join one 7 Days To Die Server.

Tired of reading? I made a video explaining the 7D2D Console Update.

The conversation around the 7 Days To Die console update is very sensitive and controversial. Therefore, even though I explain much about it in this article, I found the message is better received and understood in this video. So please feel free to watch my 7 Days To Die console update video if you do not fancy reading about it, and of course, if you like the video, hit that subscribe button.

Also, if there are any further updates on the 7 Days To Die console news, I will add them to this article, so keep scrolling to see the latest updates.

7 Days To Die Console History

Suppose you didn’t know the history of 7 Days To Die and its relationship with the console gaming community. Here is a quick history lesson. TFP, the developers of 7 Days To Die, licensed out their game to a console publishing company called Telltale. There were issues with that publishing company, and the 7 Days To Die console version never got updated beyond Alpha 15.

However, the PC version continued to prosper with regular updates, leaving the console players behind with no new features, zombies or updated graphics. In the end, Telltale went bust but was reluctant to release the console publishing rights back to TFP. From what is understood, a court battle took place, TFP won, and they got the licencing rights back a few years ago.

However, at that point, to port the new versions of 7 Days To Die into a console update would be quite a time consuming and expensive matter. In addition, there are a lot of restrictions and regulations TFP would have to follow and adhere to with every single minor update they make.

New message added in A20.4 Stable Release. Indicating a console update might be coming soon.

New Message From 7 Days To Die

The Future For 7 Days To Die Console Players

Well, who knows how long it will take to port the latest version of the game to the console players. I am assuming they wouldn’t announce it if it were years away. But with the news of the game pass and the EOS player IDs, one can only pray it’s not long before PC, Xbox, and Playstation players are all teaming up to defend against the infamous blood moon.

However, I will not hold my breath to take history into account. The current PC version of 7 Days To Die is far from optimised, and the online multiplayer is a pain. I know they keep saying they didn’t design the game to have more than 8 people on it. But they fail to realise the community loves to play on highly populated servers.

But here at Salty Zombies, we rent some insanely powerful servers, and they can hold 60 people, but things get a bit shaky after 40. So what will this all be like when we have Xbox and PlayStation players on our server? Yea, your guess is as good as mine, and I think both our guesses will be the same… Lag, lag, desync and more lag.

7 Days To Die Console Update Release Date

My Prediction

Middle of 2024

TFPs Prediction

Sometime in 2023

GUNS Nerds and Steel Interview

The latest news on the console update coms from the Guns, Nerds and Steel interview, where you see the founders talk about a drop for the 7 Days To Die Console Version sometime next year (2023)

Console Updates Bottom Line

[twitch streamer="Krixluther"]

Anyway, exciting times ahead for the 7 Days To Die Community and The Fun Pimps. If you are a PC player reading this, please check out our 7 Days To Die Servers. We have PVE Servers worldwide, including in Asia, the USA and Europe. So we have a server near you. If you are a console player, I hope this update comes to you soon, and when cross-platform does happen, you guys are more than welcome to join us.

Feel free to jump on my Twitch channel and share your thoughts, don’t forget to hit that follow button, so you are notified when I go live. Also, if you have any questions about our servers, feel free to join our 7 Days To Die Discord.

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