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Best 7 Days To Die Server Managers

“A must for any 7 Days To Die Server Owner”

7 Days To Die Server Managers

If you are looking at this page, you are probably interested in running your own 7 Days To Die server, and you will need a server manager bot to help you run it. But which one will you go with? Which one is best for you?


If you are looking for the best 7 Days To Die Server Manager and want me to save you from reading this entire article, then it’s this one, CSMM. It’s by far the best, and due to its long list of features, including an epic advance player and inventory tracker, it has a monopoly on all server managers for 7 Days To Die. It also features player teleports, economy, Discord integration, custom commands/hooks, etc.

  • Server automation – run any command in any time interval you want. Timed server messages, automatic world-saving.
  • Discord notifications – built-in for everyday use cases. Ability to detect specific strings for your custom purposes.
  • High ping kicker – Kick players with a constant bad connection.
  • Country ban – automatically kick or ban players from certain countries from your server.
  • Player tracking – Track the location and inventory of online players and view them on a map of your server.
  • Ingame commands – Player made teleports, in-game support system.
  • Custom commands to expose console commands to players in a controlled way.
  • Economy system – Let players earn money by playing, killing zombies, and typing on your Discord server. Then, they can spend their cash in your servers shop, teleports and more.
  • Discord integration – Chat bridge (chat between Discord and the game), multiple commands to view player info or view server status.
  • Support ticket system – Let players create support requests ingame. Admins can view and comment on these via the website to provide quick support for players.
  • Server analytics – charts of # of online players, server FPS, RAM usage.


Botman has been around for a while and was created by Smegzor. It’s a server manager that you can interact with in-game and via an internet relay chat instead of an application window. Rumour has it a web interface is in the works, making things easier, so keep an eye out for that.


The 7 Days To Die Server Manager, Known as R.A.T., which I think stands for Remote Access Terminal, is probably one of the oldest server managers. It can be used for both local and remote server administration.

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