Welcome to our 7 days to die Ravenhearst server. If you don’t know what Ravenhearst is, well it’s an overhaul mod for the original 7 days to die game we love so much. This mod adds more items, more guns, more vehicles, more zombies etc and it’s a lot harder/complicated. Crafting items isn’t as straightforward, nor is the skill point system. It makes for a nice change of pace if your veteran of the original game and well worth a try.

The server is PVE rules, passwords protected and open to donors only. The reason for this is that it’s very time-consuming managing and paying for all the different servers. If you are interested in joining our 7 days to die Ravenhearst server then please join our 7 Days To Die Discord and contact one of our admin to give you the password.


PORT: 41311


LCB Protection


Map Size


Loot Bonus


LCB Size


XP Bonus


Number of Slots

7 Days To Die Ravenhearst Mod uses a lot of RAM, in general being an alpha game it’s quite resources intensive. You might be interested in grabbing a quick upgrade from amazon and increase your zombie slaying performance. Amazon is doing a special deal at the moment on computer parts.



7 Days To Die Ravenhearst Mod uses a lot of GPU power, in general being an alpha game it’s quite resources intensive. You might be interested in grabbing a quick upgrade from amazon and increase your zombie slaying performance. Forget about buying anything other than GeForce. They are a top brand known for high-quality and high performance.


  • No Raiding
  • No Tree Farms
  • No Drop Mining
  • No Building in Water
  • Duping, X-raying, etc are all not allowed
  • No using 3rd party tools to alter the state of the game
  • Bases can only be built using construction blocks, No vault doors/hatches/draws etc (Example: Covering your entire base in Vault Hatches)


  • No racist or sexist remarks
  • No advertising other servers or discords.
  • No being rude or insulting to admin or moderators.
  • No Misogynistic comments E.G – Calling female players “Bitches”
  • If someone is suspected of cheating, contact an admin or moderator.
  • No nudity/vulgar/obscene pictures/memes/videos
  • If trash talking goes beyond friendly banter, players involved will be muted.

Basic Guide for our 7 Days To Die Ravenhearst Server

When starting a brand new game of the Ravenherst Mod don’t even think about building a base. It just won’t happen anytime soon, one of the cool things I think about Ravenhearst is the details and additional work you need to go through even to build the basic of items. The first thing you should do is go through all the tutorials and Jax has put in his Ravenhearst Mod. There are a lot of them and each one teaches you something about the overhaul mod and gives you some stuff. Do all the tutorials and you will be well on your way into surviving the harsh environment that Ravenhearst has to offer.


Salty Zombies has quite a mature and experienced gaming community, however, this is the online gaming world. You will get trolls, griefers, hackers and all kinds of straight-up assholes. These people have nothing better to do than to enjoy the misery and pain of others. So to save yourself such hardship, try to be vigilant when teaming up with others.

For example, just because it’s against the law in your country for someone to come into your home and steal your stuff doesn’t stop people from doing it. You would not leave your real-life house unlocked with all your valuable possessions out on display, right? Same with this 7 Days to Die PvE Server… Just because raiding and stealing are against server rules doesn’t mean people won’t try to do it… So keep your doors, hatches and boxes closed and locked.

Only friend people that you know and trust. If you friend someone in-game, they can do damage to your base regardless of LCB protection. Meaning, they can break open your boxes and steal your loot etc. So please be vigilant as you would in real life and contact an admin if you see anyone breaking the rules: Below are the names and contact details of the 4 admins of Salty Zombies.


The Ravenhearst Server has lots of additional features that enhance the game. One of them is the use our custom server manager bot. This bot not only controls many aspects of the server, like rebooting and automatically resetting the regions, but it also detects PvP. When one play kills another the bot will automatically teleport that player into a prison. It also adds commands that you as the player can use to enhance your own gameplay. For example, you can /bed anywhere on the map and the bot will teleport you to your current active bed. Below is a list of the commands. If you want to see a full detailed list of each command and what it does, you can do so on our Bot Commands Page.

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Patreon only 7 DAYS TO DIE Ravenhurst SERVER

The Ravenhurst server has limited slots and is only open to our Patreons. Salty Zombies is a Patreon of all the overhaul mods. We give back and support the developers of the mod financially as well.

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