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7 Days To Die PvP servers can get pretty toxic, but luckily, our PVP server has a great team and community behind it. In addition, our PVP Casual server is quite famous and is consistently ranked the #1 PVP Server of all time. One of the main reasons for this is that we do not allow base raiding. Why do you ask?

Well, to be successful in PVP survival games like 7D2D and RUST are some part knowledge and skill, but mainly, how active you are. It’s not how well you build your base that prevents raiding. It’s how often you and your teammates can be online to defend it.

Nothing is worse than grinding for hours to gather all the necessary materials and items. Then to pimp your character out and build an epic base, only to login in one day to find all of it gone. This isn’t because you designed a lousy base or are a terrible player. It’s probably because you were asleep, had a job, or spent the weekend with the family. We call it “offlining”, meaning being raided whilst you were offline.

At Salty Zombies, we understand that you love the thrill and the realistic aspect of PVP survival in a post-apocalyptic zombie game. But we also know that you might not be unable to defend your base 24/7 against the unemployed, who have all day and night to play. So that’s why we designed a PVP server that gives the working class and family man a fighting chance.

7 Days To Die PVP Server Settings:

Global Settings

  • 100% Loot Bonus
  • 150% XP Bonus
  • Lvl 4 Zombie Difficulty
  • 61×61 LCB Size
  • 100% LCB Protection
  • LCB Expiration: Never
  • 500m Share XP Range
  • 5 Game Day Loot Respawn
  • 90min Days
  • 1x LCB Per Player
  • Bloodmoon Frequency: 7
  • Bloodmoon Range: 0
  • Airdrop: Everyday With Marker

Server Info:

Port: 29100

Server Specs

  • CPU: 7950x 4.3GHz
  • RAM: 128GB RAM 3600MHz
  • 1TB NVMe
  • 1Gbps Network
  • 100 Gbit/s DDOS Protection
  • Daily Back-Ups
  • Location: LA

Welcome To our 7 Days To Die PVP Server


Our 7 Days To Die PvP server is designed for players that like PvP but don’t want to be online 24/7 defending their base. Below are some specific rules for our PvP server. Please read them very carefully and then reread them. At Salty Zombies, we believe in 2nd chances, but ignorance of the rules isn’t an excuse.

General Server Rules

  • No Duping, X-raying or using glitches/exploits
  • Do not use 3rd party tools/hacks.
  • Do not impersonate a member of staff.
  • No Building in POIs or any Prefab.
  • Players are not allowed to claim POIs.
  • No Building bases/structures that will obstruct roadways.
  • Do not destroy any of the loot in POIs.
  • No more than 5 planted trees per base.
  • No Building in water.
  • No Floating Bases of any kind.
  • No Drop Mining bigger than 5x5x5 (125 blocks)
  • Farm plots are to be no bigger than 5×5

PVP Rules of Engagement (MUST READ)

  • Despawning a player’s bag is permitted after combat, regardless of location.
  • Do not excessively call out cheaters/hackers in public chat. Instead, players must contact staff directly if they suspect cheating.
  • No raiding, damaging or stealing from other player’s bases
  • No base camping (Their LCB area defines their base). You can kill someone at their base and take their bag, but excessively doing so is considered griefing/bullying, especially if your player level is higher.


  • Regular Traders are NOT safe zones. Only the Donor Trader is a non-PVP area.
  • Do not add anyone you don’t know as a friend or to your party. Trust no one.
  • Don’t get butthurt if someone kills you on sight. Instead, seek revenge.
  • Do not complain if someone kills you and then kills you again while attempting to return to your bag. That bag is rightfully theirs.
  • You have 1 giant Land Claim Block! It protects your base from being damaged by players. USE IT! If a player raids your base because you didn’t put LCB down. That’s on you!
  • Anything outside of your LCB is open to be damaged or stolen from.
  • Lock all your doors and your boxes. (They are unlocked by default) just because it’s against the rules doesn’t mean someone won’t try. We will catch the player and ban them. However, if your base and boxes were all open and unlocked. We will not replace the items taken.


If you find a particular person or persons bothering you, perhaps they hang around your area a bit too much, and it seems like they are picking on you. Instead of running to the admins referencing griefing and abuse. Try asking in-game chat for help. You will be surprised how many people are up for a fight. Let them know you are being bothered by a particular person or group and give the location. You will be able to kick back and watch the gunfight from the comfort of your own base. 

A Unique Experience for all

List of Mods on the PVP Server

Just a Couple of Quality of life mods

On our 7 Days To Die PvE servers, we have added a few mods that fix some balance issues. This enhances your gameplay and brings you a much more enjoyable experience. We call them QOL (Quality of Life) mods. They won’t change the game dramatically, so you can still enjoy the original gameplay. All the mods are server-side, so you won’t need to download anything. Just join our server like any other, and all the extra features and balance fixes are ready for you. Below is a list of the QOL mods and an explanation of each one.

Working Sink & Ovens

One of people’s favourites mods and one that’s been around for a long time. The ability to craft a working sink to get unlimited clean water and an oven so you can cook food without needing wood.

Khaines Bigger Backpack (60 Slots)

The 60 slot backpack enables you to carry a lot more. We all know how frustrating it can be to travel so far to loot a town or city only to be filled up within just 2 POIs. Combined with the stack mod, this mod will make your looting adventures much more enjoyable.

Khaine Log Spikes

Back by popular demand! Log Spikes were everyone’s favourite way to defend the base back in A17 but were taken out by The Fun Pimps in A18. So we added them back for you.

Lockable Inventory Slots

A new feature added in A19.1 was to move items from your inventory to a storage box with just one click. However, it would take everything, meaning whatever you wanted to keep, you would have to find and drag it back into your bag. This mod allows you to lock some slots in your backpack so that it won’t transfer to the box.

3 slot Forge

Your forge has an extra smelting slot for you to accelerate the input of resources to your forge.

Combo Pack

That’s right. The Combo Pack is back. Since A20 dropped, it was hard for the Combo Pack people to update all the POI, but now they have done it and released it to the public. The Combo pack is a pack of over 1,000 community-made POIs. We have selected the best of the bunch and included them in our 7 Days To Map Generator.

Car Respawner

Our 7 Days To Die PvE servers are so popular that we have to add a mod that respawns cars after being wrenched. The same way the loot respawns in the game after people have looted it. This keeps the resources available for later players.

No Tree Seeds

One of the rules on the server is “No Tree Farms” having a lot of trees in a small area causes server lag and lowers the FPS of players in the area. However, despite it being a rule, people still do it. So Baptizer created a mod which stopped trees from dropping seeds when they were cut down. We increased the amount of wood you got from the trees by a significant amount to compensate. You can still find tree seeds via looting, though.

New UI Mod

We always felt the HUD (Heads Up Display) was boring and bland in 7 Days To Die, so we added a new, more modern-looking one.

Craftable Dye + More Colours

You can now craft dye that will enable you to fully kit out your clothes, armour, guns, and tools to whatever colour you wish. We have also added more colours than the original game has.

Zombies Health Bars

A popularly requested QOL mod. Zombie health bars were added so you can see how close to death they are and how much damage you are doing.

12 Slot Crafting Que

You now have 12 slots in your character’s crafting queue. This will enable you to craft more things, or what most people like it for is the ability to scrap more things whilst out looting.

Check out these!

PVP Server Commands

Our 7 Days To Die PVP Server has in-game commands you can use to help you in the game. For example, if you die, you can type in /bag when you respawn, and our bot will teleport you back to your bag. But be careful. If the person who killed you is still there, he can kill you again. You can also do /bed, and the bot will teleport you to your last active bed. However, if your bed is destroyed, it won’t work. Finally, if you become a Patreon, you can also access the command /trader. More information on that is below.

  • /Bed
  • /Bag
  • /Wallet
  • /Gimme
  • /Claim
  • /Vote
  • /Pay
  • /Trader
  • /Return
  • /Fetch [vehicle]
  • /FetchDrone
  • /DroneReset

The PVP Donor Trader & Perks

Salty Zombies Donor Trader

7 Days To Die PVP Donor Trader-Donor-Trader Vending Machines
7 Days To Die PVP Donor Trader Behind View
7 Days To Die PVP Donor Trader Front View

Our 7 Days To Die PVP server has a unique trader called Donor Trader. It’s one of many perks we give to our Donors. If you become a Donor, you can type /trader in-game and be teleported to the Donor Trader. Inside are 4 traders you can do business with and 3 vending machines for you. There is no PVP allowed in the Donor Trader. Doing so will get you banned or your donor privileges revoked without a refund.

We don’t believe in P2W and since you are not allowed to raid or destroy another player’s base. So, we have made some special donor tools to thank you for supporting us and helping pay the bills.

If you like the idea of supporting Salty Zombies and helping us pay for the dedicated servers, but want to know what other perks you get on the PVP server. Then click on the Perks Info button below.

Check out these!

7 Days To Die PVP Tips

Here is a little section on 7 Days To Die PVP tips for our PvP server. If you are new to PvP, I highly recommend giving this a solid read. 7 Days to Die wasn’t designed for PvP, and the Fun Pimps only seem interested in developing the game’s PvE element. But, playing on our 7 Days To Die PvP server does have an exciting element to it. But it can also be a harsh and toxic environment. It’s not for the faint-hearted.

Build Your Base Underground!

“A seen base is a raided base” This may seem obvious but you be surprised how many PvE players we get trying our PvP server for the first time and building a base above ground. You want to be hidden as long as possible, build your base underground with a disguised entrance, no hatches at the very top. If you are in a desert biome make sure you cover your entrance with desert grounds. You will be surprised how many newbs cover their base entrance with the wrong biome terrain.

Turn Off Ambient & Music Sound

First things first, turn off your games ambient and music sound. You can do this in the Audio settings, just turn its volume down to zero. When looting, be wary of your surroundings, occasionally stop and be still to see if you hear any unusual noises. Also, be wary of the noise you make, even aiming down site makes a sound that a player nearby can hear.

You Are Being Followed!

When you head back to base, make sure you are not being followed. One of the most common ways a base is found is by players following another player back to their base. When you head back, check behind you occasionally and check up in the sky. Gyros make no sound at all and are great for following others back to base.

Turn Off Motion Blur

Motion Blur is an annoying way to add some sort of realism to the 7 Days To Die PvP. It basically means when you turn left or right fast your screen will blur for a moment till your characters “eyes” focus. But if your fighting someone in close quarters like in a POI and they running around you and jumping up and down like a bunny rabbit. Your screen will constantly be blurry as you try to track them with your gun sight. Turn it off for a better and easier PvP experience.

24/7 Night Vision

You probably know this one already from playing on any 7 Days To Die PvE Server. But you can up the gamma on your video settings in-game to see quite well at night time. If you have this on default settings you will blind as a bat during night time. And if you use a headlamp or gun light attachment you are just lighting your self up for all enemies nearby to see you.

Don't Use Headlight or Laser Sight

Never go outside during the day or night with a light attachment on your helmet or your gun, and don’t attach a laser sight to your gun either. There is a known bug with the headlamp that can be seen as “on” to others but “off” to you. So you are running around at night with your headlight on, allowing everyone to spot you from miles away, but you see it as off. Same with the laser sight and gun light attachment. I never use them as a rule of thumb. Up the gamma to max instead.

Bed Placement

In your base, place your bed separately in a hidden room with some spare gear inside a box. This is helpful for numerous reasons, If you are killed near your base, you can spawn on your bed grab the gear and get back in the fight. It’s also helpful if you are under attack. For example, if the raiders kill you and your bed is in the open, then they will kill you again the moment you spawn on your bed. If it’s out the way and protected, you can spawn on your bed in safety grab your spare gear and continue to defend your base.

Make Your Base Defendable

So many players think the thicker the walls, the better. However, most underground bases are just 100% defensive and have zero offensive capabilities. A lot of the times, you might be online whilst you are being raided. You might also be outnumbered and have multiple players augering into your base from multiple directions. Design your base so you can fight off the attackers as they try to break in.

Airdrops Make Great Traps

Airdrops are almost always camped. If the server is a big map and not many people online, you might be ok if you are quick enough. Grab a fast vehicle or if you don’t have one, run there naked with nothing in your inventory.

Turn Off Depth of Field

7 Days To Die isn’t optimized for PvP and “Depth of field” is a prime example. Say your sniping someone but a tree branch, pole, or bush is in the way of you and your target. Your scoop will focus on the poll or branch and make your target that’s further in the distance blurry. This makes it hard to shoot, especially if he doesn’t die on the first shot and he starts running for his life. Turn off the depth of field so no matter what’s in between you and your victim, your scoop will always put them in to focus.

7 Days To Die PVP Guide

Salty Zombies has quite a mature and experienced gaming community. However, this is the online gaming world. You will get trolls, griefers, hackers and all kinds of toxic people. These people have nothing better to do than to enjoy the misery and pain of others. So save yourself such hardship, try to be vigilant and read this 7 Days To Die Server PvP Tips and guide!

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