Our  7 Days To Die PvP Server is ranked best server of all time. Very popular LCBand recently has a huge increase in population since Ragnarok PvP joined forces with us. When we first started this very server was half PvP and half PvE. It was a great introduction for regular PvE Players to try their hand at PvP. After its success, we decided to make the server full PvE and open up a second 7 days to die server dedicated to our PvE players. If you are interested in joining the PvP server then check out the details below and if you have any questions please join our 7 Days To Die Discord and one of our admin can assist you.

“Keep Scrolling down for our 7 Days to Die PvP tips and guide for beginners.”


PORT: 27900


LCB Protection


Loot Bonus


XP Bonus


Map Size


LCB Size


Number of Slots

7 Days To Die uses a lot of RAM, in general being an alpha game its quite resources intensive. Grab a quick upgrade from amazon and increase your zombie slaying performance. Corsair is a top brand known for high-quality computer parts.

7 Days To Die uses a lot of GPU power, in general being an alpha game it’s quite resources intensive. Grab a quick upgrade from amazon and increase your zombie slaying performance. Forget about buying anything other then GeForce. They are a top brand known for high-quality and high performance.


  • No Drop Mining
  • No Vehicle Raiding
  • No Tree Farms
  • Duping, X-raying, etc are all not allowed
  • No using 3rd party tools to alter the state of the game
  • Bases can only be built using construction blocks, No vault doors/hatches/draws etc (Example: Covering your entire base in Vault Hatches)


  • No racist or sexist remarks
  • No advertising other servers or discords.
  • No being rude or insulting to admin or moderators.
  • No Misogynistic comments E.G – Calling female players “Bitches”
  • If someone is suspected of cheating, contact an admin or moderator.
  • No nudity/vulgar/obscene pictures/memes/videos
  • If trash talking goes beyond friendly banter, players involved will be muted.



Salty Zombies has quite a mature and experienced gaming community, however, this is the online gaming world. You will get trolls, griefers, hackers and all kinds of straight-up assholes. These people have nothing better to do than to enjoy the misery and pain of others. So save yourself such hardship, try to be vigilant and ready this 7 Days To Die Server PvP Tips and guide!

Shooting someone with your gun is not the only way to PvP. Someone attacking your base with an Auger is not the only way to be raided. The ingenuity of the 7 Days to Die PVP veterans is something that has astonished us time after time. Espionage is also a way of being raided, someone can pretend to be your friend or on your team. Once you let them in and give them access, they could take over your base. Using the heat map to spawn zombies to break into your base is also another raiding technique. Even using horde night to damage and break into your base is completely legal… Never think you or your base is safe.

We have even seen members pretending to be new to the game, ask for help and then shoot you on site. These techniques are low, borderline toxic but are 100% legal. (Doing it the other away around isn’t) So please keep the best side of common sense with you. If you expect foul play please contact an admin straight away on our 7 days to die Discord Server. Do not scream foul play in-game chat, it doesn’t help.


Here is a little section on 7 Days To Die PVP tips for our PvP server. If you are new to PvP I highly recommend you give this a solid read. 7 Days to Die wasn’t designed for PvP and the Fun Pimps only seem to be interested in developing the games PvE element. But, playing on our 7 Days To Die PvP server does have an exciting element to it. But it can also be a harsh and toxic environment, it’s not for the fainted hearted.

Build Your Base Underground!
“A seen base is a raided base” This may seem obvious but you be surprised how many PvE players we get trying our PvP server for the first time and building a base above ground. You want to be hidden as long as possible, build your base underground with a disguised entrance, no hatches at the very top. If you are in a desert biome make sure you cover your entrance with desert grounds. You will be surprised how many newbs cover their base entrance with the wrong biome terrain.
Turn Off Ambient & Music Sound
First things first, turn off your games ambient and music sound. You can do this in the Audio settings, just turn its volume down to zero. When looting, be wary of your surroundings, occasionally stop and be still to see if you hear any unusual noises. Also, be wary of the noise you make, even aiming down site makes a sound that a player nearby can hear.
You Are Being Followed!
When you head back to base, make sure you are not being followed. One of the most common ways a base is found is by players following another player back to their base. When you head back, check behind you occasionally and check up in the sky. Gyros make no sound at all and are great for following others back to base.
Turn Off Motion Blur
Motion Blur is an annoying way to add some sort of realism to the 7 Days To Die PvP. It basically means when you turn left or right fast your screen will blur for a moment till your characters “eyes” focus. But if your fighting someone in close quarters like in a POI and they running around you and jumping up and down like a bunny rabbit. Your screen will constantly be blurry as you try to track them with your gun sight. Turn it off for a better and easier PvP experience.
24/7 Night Vision
You probably know this one already from playing on any 7 Days To Die PvE Server. But you can up the gamma on your video settings in-game to see quite well at night time. If you have this on default settings you will blind as a bat during night time. And if you use a headlamp or gun light attachment you are just lighting your self up for all enemies nearby to see you.
Bed Placement
In your base, place your bed separately in a hidden room with some spare gear inside a box. This is helpful for numerous reasons, If you are killed near your base, you can spawn on your bed grab the gear and get back in the fight. It’s also helpful if you are under attack. For example, if the raiders kill you and your bed is in the open, then they will kill you again the moment you spawn on your bed. If it’s out the way and protected, you can spawn on your bed in safety grab your spare gear and continue to defend your base.
Make Your Base Defendable
So many players think the thicker the walls the better, however, most underground bases are just 100% defensive and have zero offensive capabilities. A lot of the times you might be online whilst you are being raided, you might also be outnumbered and have multiple players augering into your base from multiple directions. Design your base so you can fight off the attackers as they try to break in.
Airdrops Make Great Traps
Airdrops are almost always camped. If the server is a big map and not many people online, you might be ok if you are quick enough. Grab a fast vehicle or if you don’t have one, run there naked with nothing in your inventory.
Turn Off Depth of Field
7 Days To Die isn’t optimized for PvP and “Depth of field” is a prime example. Say your sniping someone but a tree branch, pole, or bush is in the way of you and your target. Your scoop will focus on the poll or branch and make your target that’s further in the distance blurry. This makes it hard to shoot, especially if he doesn’t die on the first shot and he starts running for his life. Turn off the depth of field so no matter what’s in between you and your victim, your scoop will always put them in to focus.
Don't Use Headlight or Laser Sight
Never go outside during the day or night with a light attachment on your helmet or your gun and don’t attach a laser sight to your gun either. There is a known bug where a headlamp can be seen as “on” to others but “off” to you. So you are running around at night with your headlight on allowing everyone to spot you from miles away, but you see it as off. Same with the laser sight and gun light attachment, as a rule of thumb, I just never use them. Up the gamma to max instead.


Our PvP Server has a few commands that you can use in certain situations. Not as much as the PvE server but some worth mentioning. For example, if you are a donator of our Patreon page, you get access to a special building that is a sanctuary for Donators only. You can access the place by typing in /Trader. You will be teleported to a special building with 4 traders inside that only donators can access. To get back to your last location just type /Return. Note that inside the Donors trader is a none PVP zone. You are not allowed to shoot anyone inside the trader, if you do, your donor status will be revoked. Typing /Trader twice will get you stuck in there. Admin will not teleport you out as players have done this on purpose to escape from raiding another player. The trader closed from 10pm to 6am. If you are in the donor trader at this time, you will teleport outside the trader where you are vulnerable to PVP.

Testimonials on our 7 Days To Die PvE Server.

Grandpa John from Grandpa John Gaming. Love it! Absolutely. I have been playing with Namsaknoi for years and when I heard he was running his own server I dived right in. I have been playing since Alpha 10 and been on so many PvE servers. But this one is by far the best and I haven’t played on another service since.

Streamer, Grandpa John Gaming

I have been playing on the Salty Zombies PvP server for 6 months now and I am amazed at how awesome the admin run the server. I played on many 7 Days to Die PvP servers and this is by far the bed. I am especially impressed with Namsaknoi who has managed to build such a great community and brand with his insane Marketing skills. I also love how Baptizer keeps everything organized and running smoothly with his skills at managing the bot.

There is no way in hell I could ever run a server the way these guys do. I bearly have the competence to stay alive in the game for more than 5 minutes.


Janitor, The Starlord Show




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