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7 Days To Die Overhaul Mods

“The 7D2D Overhaul mods are not for the weak”

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There are a few 7 Days To Die Overhaul Mods, and to be honest, they are all pretty good, and I recommend you try each one. But below, I will break them down as they all have unique aspects. You might also be interested to know we host every 7 Days To Die Overhaul mod. We have one server that rotates between each mod. Each rotation lasts about six weeks, depending on how active it is. So if you are interested in trying the overhaul mods with our community, who can also help you out and show you the ropes if you get into trouble, then jump in our Discord and see what overhaul mod we are currently running.

Server Rules

All the rules we have for our regular PvE servers apply here. Except in our 7 Days To Die Overhaul Mod Server, you can take over a POI for a base. But be warned, if someone makes a trader quest and it selects the POI you took over for a base. It could reset that POI equalling to you losing your entire base.

Manual installtion Guide

How to install an Overhaul mod

C:\Program Files\Steam\Steamapps\Common\7 Days To Die

The best way to install any 7 Days To Die Overhaul mod is to do it Manually. The 7D2D Mod Launcher is fantastic, but too many problems can arise with it with installing Overhaul Mods on an unoptimized Alpha game. So all the overhaul mod developers highly recommend manual installation, and it’s surprisingly easy and just takes a few minutes. Checkout the video on how to do it here:

Terror & Pain

Darkness Falls

Darkness Falls is probably the most popular and talked about 7 Days To Die Overhaul mod. Undead Legacy is easily the second. It’s known for insanely powerful demon zombies, that are two stories tall and will smash through your horde base.

PORT: 29300

Vodka & Redbull


If Darkness Falls and Undead Legacy are a fine wine, slowing down and drawing out players’ beginning progress, then War3uk is a straight Redbull and Vodka. Once you choose your class, you are given a decent gun and a fair amount of ammo, allowing you to get straight into zombie slaying.

PORT: 29100

Coming Soon

These Overhaul Mods Are Coming Soon…

The below overhaul mods are not yet active. We are waiting for them to be updated to the latest version of Stable, or we will rotate them into our server on the next wipe. Overhaul mods take up a ton of space and are resource-hungry. There are only so many we can fit on a dedicated machine. However, we hope to get another dedicated server soon to host all the popular 7 Days To Die Overhaul mods.


The Grind of All Grinds


If you love grinding hard, crafting, mining and just working for every inch of your survival, then the 7 Days To Die Overhaul mod known as RavenHearst is the mod for you.

PORT: 29100

The Grind of All Grinds

War Of The Walkers

One of the oldest be least popular overhaul mods for 7 Days To Die. It’s not because it’s bad it’s the least popular. Many of these developers don’t know how to market their mods. War of the Walkers is a pretty good overhaul mod.

PORT: 29700

The World Of Robots

District Zero

It’s a new and very different type of 7 Days To Die Overhaul mod that has no zombies in it whatsoever! That’s right. This is the world of the Robot Apocalypse. Created by Zilox.


Clean & Sleek

Undead Legacy

First on our 7 Days To Die Overhaul Mod list is Undead Legacy. The first thing you notice with Undead Legacy is how clean the UI (User Interface) and HUD (Heads Up Display) are. This is a nice touch because 7 Days To Die has been in development for over a decade, and you feel that straight away in the original game menu. 


BRinging Crazy Back

Age Of Oblivion

Age of Oblivion, or AOO for short, is the baby of all the 7 Days To Die Overhaul Mods. But it very quickly rose in popularity. Most of the overhaul mods started around 2015 and 2016. AOO began in 2021, which gave the other overhaul mod developers a few years of experience and establishment. 


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