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7 Days To Die Mini Games

Welcome to Salty Zombies 7 Days To Die Mini Games and features. Here you will find all the different little games and unique features on our 7 Days To Die Servers. Some are unique to PVE or PVP servers. Below are explanations of each feature and the commands/instructions on how to use them.

Saving Your Base

You can save your base on all our PVE servers, import it into the next wipe, or copy/paste it elsewhere on the map. The save will be the same size as your LCB, which is 31x31x31, and since you can have 4 LCBs, you can have 4 different saves.

Saving your base won’t cost you anything, but importing it will cost you 10,000 Salty Coins per LCB. You can also use it to extend your base, saving yourself time on mining and gathering resources.

Watch this YouTube video Nams made explaining how to do it.

To do this, stand on your LCB and type in chat /BaseExport 1 – Ensure there are no spaces in the name you give your base save. Once saved, put your new LCB down where you want the base imported, stand on it, and type in /BaseImport [number]. Example, /BaseImport MainBase. You must stand on your LCB when you do the import and export commands.

What about Rotation? If you save your base facing North when you paste it somewhere else or on the next wipe, it will still face North. So what if you want to rotate it to face East or South? You add the rotational degree at the end of the import command. For example, I saved my base, and the front door faces North, but I want it to face East on the new map. I type /BaseExport [number] 90. This will paste in your base and rotate it at a 90-degree angle clockwise. If I want it to go from facing North to facing South, I can type the command /BaseExport [number] 180

Farm plots, workbenches, forge and storage boxes all come with the import. But no items inside will be imported. You can also only import your base from the server you are playing on into its next wipe. There isn’t an import option from, say, PVE Pro USA to PVE Casual Asia

Donor City

All of our 7 Days To Die PVE servers have a donor city. It’s a massive 64 plot complex with roads, a sewer system and a gigantic wall surrounding it with cannons that protect the city from zombies. In the centre of the city is a big building called Donor Trader. Inside this building are 4x 7 Days To Die Traders you can interact with. The plots of land are 31×31, the same size as the LCB. Any Salty Zombies Patreon can build their base in the Donor City and enter the Donor Trader. Check out the video below for more information.

Market Town

Donor City Commands

/ClaimPlot XX – To claim a plot, check the image and use the correct label. For example, if you want to claim c6, you would type in-game chat /ClaimPlot C6 – you don’t have to be in DC to do it. You can claim anywhere on the map.

/Plot – This will teleport you to the street just outside of the plot you claimed.

/PlotFriend [name] – If you have teamed up with someone and want them to help build on your plot. You will need to whitelist them to do so. You can do that with this command, for example, /PlotFriend Namsaknoi – This will give me permission to build on your plot.

The DC Market

Market Town

Players can put vending machines down in the Donor City Market to sell their unwanted loot. It requires a particular type of vending machine that can be bought in the in-game shop or comes free with any subscription package.

Elmer Fudd Awards

Elmer Fudd Awards

The Elmer Fudd Awards are pretty simple. Kill a rabbit and get a 10 XP bonus for the next 5 minutes. Every time you vote for our 7 Days To Die servers. You will get a note with a random quote from Elmer Fudd. If you read this note, 2 rabbits will spawn next to you. Players tend to save these notes for horde nights, read them, kill the rabbits and get the XP bonus.


One of the most entertaining events on our 7 Days To Die servers is Deadpool. You can bet on who will be next to die by a zombie. This is a hilarious event we see happening just before horde nights. The entire server starts putting bets on who will die first. You can do this by typing in /Deadpool [player name]. Remember, the play has a space in their name. You must put it in quotations, for example, /Deadpool “John Smith”.

When you type the command, you will bet 100 Salty Coins on that player being the next to die. To prevent abuse, you must bet 5 minutes before the player dies. Otherwise, it will not count. JARVIS will add 100 Salty Coins on top of the pool, and the player who wins will get their pool money split evenly. If no players win, the house takes 30%, and the Salty Coins will be added to the next Deadpool.



Hawkeye Event

The Hawkeye bow is a unique item in the in-game shop. It’s a powerful bow with increased headshot damage and faster reload speed. It’s also the only bow that can use Vibranium metal arrows, also available in the in-game shop.

Vibrainium is one of the strongest metals in the Marvel Universe. It’s what Captain America’s shield is made out of. Whether you use the Vibrainium arrows or not, any zombie killed with this bow will be counted by JARVIS and displayed in our Discord. The player with the most Zombie kills at the end of the wipe will win a reward.

Bounty Hunter

On our PVP servers, we have a bounty system in place. The more players you kill, the higher the bounty on your head. You can do /Bounty [player name] to find out the bounty on someone’s head, or you can do /WhereAbouts to find the general location of the player with the highest bounty currently online. This WhereAbouts command will cost you 200 Salty Coins, and you can only do it once every 10 minutes.

Bounty Event

Coming Soon…

We are always looking to improve our servers by adding new features, events and mini-games to keep each playthrough as unique and entertaining as possible. Below is a list of things we are currently working on. If you have any ideas or suggestions, please let us know in our Suggestions Channel in Discord.

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