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7 Days To Die – How To Sleep?

“A commonly asked question, How do you sleep in 7 Days To Die?”

How to sleep in 7 Days To Die

So you are wondering how to sleep in 7 days to die? Or when is the best time to sleep so you get maximum benefits? Well, the answer is simple.


No, this isn’t an old April fool’s joke! Your character doesn’t sleep in 7 Days To Die. Instead, you make a bed, which becomes a spawn point for when you die. When you get killed in 7 Days To Die, you go to a death screen and get two options: “Spawn on Bed” or “Spawn nearby Bed”. Selecting “spawning nearby bed” will put you randomly 80 blocks away from your bed.

The other thing your bed does when you lay it down stops zombies from spawning nearby. So, for example, if you clear out a POI and lay a bed down inside it, the zombies won’t or “Shouldn’t” respawn there. Same thing when you lay down an LCB. Putting your bed of LCB in that POI will also stop the loot from respawning.

In some overhaul mods like Starvation Mod, your bed does have a more active role. For example, your bed will heal you when you stand on it in the Starvation mod. However, starvation also has a “Sanity” aspect to the game. If you spend too many nights away from your base and bed, you still go insane.

Why Make an article about how to sleep in 7 days to die then?

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