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A very commonly asked question that we receive is “what is the 7 Days To Die Game Stage?” “What does it do” and “how is it calculated?”. Basically, the game stage in 7 Days To Die is what keeps the world balanced for you. It will determine the type of the zombies it spawns in the POI you just entered. Or what type comes knocking at your door on Horde Nights.

It also tweaks the difficulty, depending on your performance. So if you’re having a hard time and dying a lot, it will lower the game stage, making life easier. If you survive for multiple days in a row your game stage will increase, making the game and zombies harder. There are other factors involved, that determine your game stage, such as your character’s level. So, you could have 2 people at the same level but with rather different game stages.


Before A19 your game stage was multiplied by the game difficulty settings, which you can see in the table below. If you played on “Nomad” settings your game stage would be multiplied by 1.5 or 50%. If you had the game on hardest settings, which is “Insane” settings, your game stage would be multiplied by 2.5 or 150%.

Since the release of Alpha 19, the game difficulty no longer applies to the 7D2D gamestage. Regardless of game settings, your game stage is just multiplied by 1.2 or 20%, no matter what. In Alpha 20 thats soon to be released they will add Game Stage multipliers depending on which biome your in. However, I will leave the table below for you to see the other variations that the different game difficulties offer.


Difficulty Name


Damage by Zombies

Damage By Player


***Note: The game stage multiplier in the table above is no longer in effect since A19***

7 Days To die game stage formular

Player Level + Days Survived x 1.2

The days survived is capped by the character’s level. So in the above formula your “Days Survived” can not go beyond the number of your characters level. For instance, if your character is level 10 but has survived 15 days the formula would not be (10+15)x1.2 it would be (10+10)x1.2

Also, note that it’s not game days survived consecutively if you die that number doesn’t reset to zero. When you die just 1 point is deducted, so if you have played for a total of 10 days but died twice within that time, your “Day Survived” number is 8. Technically they shouldn’t call it “Days Survived” just think of it as “Days Played Minus Number of Deaths” Let’s do a couple of examples:

Namsaknoi has played the game for 85 in-game days, hasn’t died and is level 60. The equation would be:

Player Level = 60
Days Survived = 85
Game Deaths = 0
Multiplier – x1.2
60 + 600 x 1.2 = 144
Game Stage Total is: 144

Amarie has played the game for 70 in-game days, has died 40 times and is level 30. The equation would be:

Player Level = 30
Days Survived = 70
Game Deaths = 40
Multiplier – x1.2
30 + 3040 x 1.2 = 24
Game Stage Total is 24

To Note:

The death count is deducted before the players level cap is applied. So say Pirate Chick was level 20 and survived 30 in-game days with 3 deaths. Its 30 – 3 = 27 game days survived. But with the level cap, it just brings that number down to 20 anyway. So the formula would be (20+20) x1.2 The deaths are not deducted after the level cap. But say Baptizer was level 20 and survived 30 in-game days but with 12 deaths. We would do 30 – 12 = 18 game days survived. So the formula for him would be (20+18) x1.2

7 Days To Die Game Stage and Party Formular

How does the 7 Days To Die Game Stage work when in a party with friends? Good question and this is where the formula gets a bit more complicated. Whoever has the highest game stage is the base number and will contribute the most. So, if you have a player who has a really high game stage out looting with a couple of new level players. It will be hard times for those lower level players.

The 2nd highest game stage player will have their game stage cut by 50%. The 3rd highest in the party will have theirs cut by 50% and then again by another 50%. This will also happen with the 4th and 5th player and so on (diminishing returns). Like this for example:

Player 1 = (x1.0) (uneffected)
Player 2 = (-50%)
Player 3 = (-50% + -50%)
Player 4 = (-50% + -50% + -50%)

Then all the players game stages points are added up and the total will equal to the party’s game stage. Let’s do an example below:





Namsaknoi120x1.0 (uneffected)120
Amarie60-50% + -50%15
H4MM3R2160-50% + -50% + -50%7.5

Party Game Stage is 120 + 40 + 15 + 7.5 Total = 182

So once you add all those numbers up. 120 + 40 + 15 + 7.5 the total is 182.5 because the numbers in the 7 days to die game stage formula are always rounded down, not up. The total becomes just 182.

7 Days To Die Game Stage and Blood Moon Hordes?

When it comes to the game stage during a 7D2D blood moon it doesn’t just consider the members in your party, it includes everyone in the local area. How big that area is we are not sure as its not specified in the XML. So, if you have 5 people in your party and 5 people not in your party but in the same base. The blood moon game stage will calculate all 10 players.

Game Stage & Looting Party

Believe it or not, the looting quality is based on the highest game stage in the party. We all know the higher the games stage the better the loot. But did you know that if a max level 300 player teamed up with a couple of level 1 brand new players, the quality of items the level 1’s loot would be the same as the level 300 player? It does not use the same party game stage calculations as you see above. Meaning the level 1 players would get very high-quality items straight away. However, any perks like “Lucky Looter” or “Looting Goggles” only affect the person wearing them, not the entire party. So to maximize your chances of level 6 gear I would let the person with these perks open the boxes.

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