7 Days To Die FPS Fix?

Are you looking for a 7 days to die FPS fix? Then you come to the right place since Alpha 18 dropped there have been some major complaints of FPS drops.

So this game is still in Alpha, which unfortunately means optimization is not a priority until the Beta stage. Right now in Alpha, they work on functionality and content. But when Alpha 18 first dropped almost no one but people with $1,500 rigs could play the game above medium graphic settings. So, a little optimisation was put in.

You probably play it at 30 FPS and getting major drops when lots of zombies are around and or in certain places outside. I’ve seen a lot of guides and youtube videos, but yet to find anything useful.

Below I will show you some steps you can do to increase your FPS without sacrificing too much on visuals, I will go in order of simplicity first with each step getting more and more complex. To start with, when your in-game, you can press F8 to see your FPS in small green text in the middle right side of your screen.

Some of these tweaks may do nothing, others may be substantial. I’d suggest trying them one a time to see what works for you. *Edit* These are aside from the obvious: turning down graphics or lowering screen resolution.


Step 1 – 7 Days To Die FPS Fix – Video Setting Options

When in the game menu, select “Options” then “Video” and apply these settings below:

  • Turn off “V-Sync”, “Reflection Quality”, and “Motion Blur”.
  • Uncheck “Reflected Shadows”, “SSAO”, “DOF”, and “Sun Shafts”.
  • You can keep “Texture Quality” to “Full Size” and “Water Quality” to “High” if You want to.
  • Change “UMA Texture Quality” and “Tree Quality” to “Middle”.
  • Change “View Distance” to “10”, “Field of View” to “70”, and “LOD Distance” to “50%”.
  • Keep “Gamma” at “75%”, but change the “Water Particles” to “25%“.

Step 2 – Join Salty Zombies Server

You may think that as a joke but you can immediately increase your FPS by playing on our 7 Days To Die dedicated servers. Most people who say they have a dedicated server actually don’t. They have a VPS which is a Virtual Private Server and most hosting companies have 30+ VPS’s on a single dedicated server. So it’s still shared hosting, or they are using their home computer.

The Salty Zombies Dedicated server is a beast machine that’s only used for our 7 Days To Die Servers. Not only is it a dedicated server but its Linux based server. Unlike its Windows OS counterpart, the Linux OS uses significantly fewer resources so we can be used to run the 7 Days To Die games.

Step 3 – 7 Days To Die FPS Fix – In-Game Console Fix

Next step to fix your 7 Days To Die FPS problems involved you being in-game. Once you are in the game, press F1 to open the console and type in these to commands. Copy/Paste these 1 at a time and press enter. Then do the next one.

  • gfx pp enable 0 (This Disable post-processing for fps gain)
  • gfx af enable 0
  • gfx dt enable 0 (disable distant terrain for better fps outdoors)

Now you should see some improvement in your 7 Days To Die FPS in the game. But if you are still looking for further optimization and are ok with things getting a bit complex. Then read on and let’s just get into it!

There are 2 steps you need to get into, the first one is customizing your Graphic Card, and the second is customizing your game.

Customizing your graphic card

  • First, go to Your Graphic Card Control Panel (NVIDIA for Me).
  • Select “Manage 3D Settings” and select “Program Settings”, press “Add” and choose “7 Days to Die”.
  • On the “Select the Preferred Graphics Processor for This Program”, choose “High-performance NVIDIA processor”.
  • Change the “Maximum Pre-rendered Frames” to “4”.
  • Change the “Power Management Mode” to “Prefer Maximum Performance”.
  • Change the “Threaded Optimization” to “On”.
  • Change the “Vertical Sync” to “On”.

Customizing your game

Now, open up “7 Days to Die”, join Your game, and press “F8” to check your FPS. It should be around 60 FPS (can get down to 40 FPS and more than 80 FPS). Only in the very rare case, it’ll drop to below 10 FPS, but again, a very rare case.

The following is not exhaustive, but a list of tweaks I have found that have worked for me to increase my fps from the 35-50 range into the 60-80 range. Your mileage may vary, and of course, nothing comes without cost, you will be sacrificing graphical quality, but who cares how good it looks if it’s too laggy to play?

Change Storm Values

In steam right click 7D2D -> Properties > Local files > Browse Local Files -> Data -> Config -> biomes.xml -> Open with text editor.
Find lines:
“<ParticleEffect prefab=”ParticleEffects/p_sandstorm” ChunkMargin=”7″/>”
“<ParticleEffect prefab=”ParticleEffects/p_smokestorm” ChunkMargin=”7″/>”
“<ParticleEffect prefab=”ParticleEffects/p_snowstorm1″ ChunkMargin=”7″/>”

Update them to 80 or higher, instead of 7.



Namsaknoi is the founder of Salty Zombies. He loves post-apocalyptic games like the Fallout series and zombie survival. He always says if he ever won the lottery he would love to make a game. You can check out his live streams on his Twitch Page

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