server Specs

CPU I77700K
64GB ram DDR4
450GB Nvme 

Welcome to our PVE PRO EU Server. After dominating the global server rankings with our US servers. We decide a good next step for Salty Zombies was to expand out beyond those borders. We noticed we had a dedicated group of EU players on our US server so we decided to open up a 7 Days To Die Server in London. There isn’t such a huge player base of EU players as there is in the US. However, it didn’t take long until our EU server was the most popular server in the EU. It wasn’t just the Brits that joined either, our EU server attracted a couple of players from the EU (European Union).


PORT: 29200


Loot Bonus


LCB Protection

5 Days

Loot Respawn


XP Bonus


LCB Size

90 Min



Map Size


Zombie Difficulty


Shared XP Range

The Epic EU Server Team

Below are the awesome people that look after our PVE PRO EU server. Admin Amarie is Salty Zombies most senior admin, and there is pretty much nothing she can not do… Well, her pushes on her Twitch streams leave much to be desired. However, she is a very competent and knowledgeable admin. Jord Purple or Purple Jord has yet to confirm to me which way I should say it is our PVE PRO EU server moderator. You will always see him online playing in the EU server, usually building a new Rocket Raceway Track. It’s a race track that is beyond awesome. If you have any issues, please contact any one of them. The Salty Zombies staff are allocated to particular servers but are not bound by them. So if either one is not available, by all means, contact any moderator of admin in our discord for help.

To make sure you don’t get in trouble with these 2, please make sure you take a good look and study the rules and guidelines of the server:

Things Unique to the PVE PRO EU SERVER

Each server has a Donor City or DC for short and inside that DC is a unique POI called the Donor Trader. Anyone who signs up to our Patreon will get access the Donor trader by typing in /Trader. Inside you will find 4 traders ready at your disposal. In the PVE PRO EU server, the POI is actually Big Ben, a famous landmark in central London. The Big Ben POI was created by the moderators and community that play on the server. They have tried to replicate it as best they could with the blocks available to them.

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