Welcome to the 7 Days To Die Discord Channel

For Salty Zombies

What is Discord? If your unfamiliar with Discord but are into gaming then you should definitely download it. It’s basically a massive chat room like Whatapp & Viber but a lot more interactive. It also has multiple voice coms like Team Speak. Each chat room of voice room can be selected for certain people so you and your friends can have your own personal chat room whilst playing with us at Salty Zombies.

Salty Zombies is the worlds leading dedicated server for the 7 Days To Die zombie survival apocalypse game. We have the largest and most supportive community that can help you learn and survive the harshness that 7 Days has to offer.

Feel free to join our community Discord channel that is full of people who love the game, from absolute beginners ready to team up with you and experience the fun to professionals who are happy to guide you through the tougher more confusing times. If you play 7 Days To Die or interested in joining its largest community then jump on our Discord channel and say “Hello”

Discord Rules

These are the chatting rules for the 7 days to die discord server. In general, just don’t be rude, insulting or unecessaryly hostile to people you don’t know. We don’t mind heated debates or members expressing different opinions but keep it clean. These rules are also for the in game chat. If you find someone breaking these rules please contact an admin.

  • No racist or sexist remarks
  • No advertising other servers.
  • No Misogynistic comments E.G – Calling female players “Bitches”
  • If trash talking goes beyond friendly banter, players involved will be muted.
  • If someone is suspected of cheating, contact an admin or moderator.
  • No nudity/vulgar/obscene pictures/memes/videos

Other 7 Days to Die Discord Channels You Should Join

Alot of the popular servers like RagnarokPVP and Afternight have their own 7 Days to die discord channel.  This Helps their members chat to each other about the game or speficlly contact admin abotu an issue. They are also great to team up with people and learn more about the game. There is also an offical 7 Days To Die Discord channel but its not particularly useful like the individual server discords.