7 Days To Die Dedicated Server

Salty Zombies has 2x 7 Days to Die Dedicated Servers. One for PvE Server and One PvP server. Both servers are slightly modded to enhance the game for you and are regulated by 2 bots. Both bots make sure people don’t cheat or things get out of hand. If you have any issues, questions or queries about our servers then please don’t hesitate to contact an admin.

7 Days to Die Dedicated Server – PVP

For a game tailored for PvE bring about an interesting PvP concept and as a result, our PvP server is a lot more popular than our PvE server. There is a certain survival/risk element added to the PvP experience that we recommend all dedicated PvE players try. Being killed by zombies is one thing but finding good loot and being killed by a player and having your loot taken is another thing.

It really adds a real-life element to a zombie apocalypse survival game. If this was to ever enter the realms of reality. People killing other people in order to survive will be realism and we think that’s what makes our PvP server more enticing than our PvE server.

You can find all the information you need for our 7 Days To Die PvP server below.

7 Days to Die Dedicated Server – PvE

Our PvE servers are made for casual players. Players you like to play the game but can’t or don’t want to come back from work to find all their stuff stolen from other players. A regular occurrence on our PvP server. The LCB are set to invincible, so no other play can raid you if you keep your doors and loot boxes well protected.

We also have some bot command features installed on the PvE server so things don’t always seem like a monogamous grind. if you are interested in joining our 7 Days to Die PvE server, then click on the details below and it will give you all the information required.

7 Days To Die Darkness Falls Server

7 Days To Die Darkness Falls Server

WELCOME TO OUR 7 DAYS TO DIE DARKNESS FALLS SERVER Welcome to our 7 days to die Darkness Falls server. In addition to all our other servers, we have launched a dedicated Darkness Falls one. You maybe have seen Namsaknoi streaming Darkness Falls on his Twitch page with...

7 Days To Die PvP Server

7 Days To Die PvP Server

WELCOME TO OUR 7 DAYS TO DIE PVP SERVER We have two 7 Days To Die PvP servers. One for the hardcore survival PvPers and one for those who like PvP but with a more relaxed environment. We call them PvP Elite and PvP Newbs and both are ranked #1 in the world. That might...

7 days to die PvE server

7 days to die PvE server

WELCOME TO OUR 7 DAYS TO DIE PVE SERVERWe have two 7 days to die PvE servers, one for beginners that we call "PvE Casual" that has a higher loot and XP bonus with lower zombies difficulty. The other server is for more experienced players who have a good knowledge of...

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