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“Darkness Falls, Most popular overhaul mod for 7D2D”

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Welcome to our 7 Days To Die Darkness Falls Server! Our overhaul modded server is password-protected, Contact a moderator on our Gaming Discord server to get it! The Salty Zombies modded server switches every so often – sometimes it is Darkness Falls, Undead Legacy or War3zuk, etc. Check our Discord server for the most up-to-date information on what the modded server is currently running!

Join our 7 Days to die Darkness Falls Server


PORT: 29200


  • CPU: i9 10900k 4.8GHz
  • RAM: 64GB RAM 3200MHz
  • 2TB NVMe
  • 1Gbps Network
  • 100 Gbit/s DDOS Protection
  • Daily Back-Ups
  • Location: USA


The server is a Darkness Falls PvE server with vanilla settings. We keep it vanilla so players can play it the way the developer, Khaine, wanted it to be, which is commonly described as “Brutal”.


  • Don’t Build In A POI
  • No Raiding or stealing from other players
  • No Building in or within 200 blocks of traders
  • No Tree Farms
  • Plants must be in 5×5 patches and separate
  • No Floating Bases
  • No Horde Nights in or near the traders
  • No racist or sexist remarks
  • No advertising of other servers or discords.
  • No being rude or insulting to the admin or moderators.
  • If someone is suspected of cheating, contact an admin or moderator.
  • If trash-talking goes beyond friendly banter, players involved will be muted.


    • /Bed
    • /Bag
    • /Vote

      What is Darkness Falls Mod

      If you don’t know what Darkness Falls mod is but love 7 Days To Die, then be prepared to get super excited. It’s a complete overhaul mod for the original 7 Days To Die game. I’m not talking like usual mods or modlets that tweak the game here and there. I mean, they take the vanilla 7 days to die game and add so much stuff you think you were playing a different game.

      There is so much more added, like more zombies, like demon zombies that throw fireballs at you and are super tough to kill,  night stalkers that come out at night. The mod includes numerous guns, including laser guns that go up to quality LVL 8. Lots more vehicles as well and vehicle mods that not even the TFP could add to the game. Stronger crafting blocks, more workbenches, more mods, tools, and the list goes on.

      One of my favourite things is the wasteland biome, Khaine the creator, made the wasteland an end game area. All the crazy strong zombies live there, and it’s 100% radioactive, so you need a radioactive suit or some form of radioactive protection. The wasteland is also where you find titanium and uranium, the main ingredient of the strong blocks and tools.

      Darkness Falls Latest Update

      8 The Character Classes to Choose from

      The Darkness Falls mod has a class system as well, featuring 8 different classes to choose from. When you first join the game, you have a book to read that allows you to select the type of person you were before the zombie apocalypse. Each class or character history unlocks a unique set of skills you can use and special quests to complete. For every quest you complete for your class, you are rewarded with items related to that class. Below is more information on the classes, don’t worry though, you can craft class crafting books in-game. This allows you to unlock all classes and their specialist skills throughout the game.

      Farmer Class

      The Farmer Class is pretty self-explanatory. This class deals with all farming and food. Once the farmer quests are complete, you will get access to recipes and tools that will allow you to create a farm and supply food for your team. Farming is different on Darkness Falls Mod. You need to have water within 2 blocks of your farm plot for the seeds to grow.

      Survivalist Class

      The Survivalist class is the primary looter of the group. They have a charismatic skill that gives them better prices at the trader. They can also loot better quality items and find buried treasure easier. Their weapon of choice is the pistol.

      Hunter Class

      The Hunter is the stealthy guy of the group. They can sneak around faster and quieter, track animals to hunt and do sneak damage. Their primary weapon is bow and hunting rifles.

      laborer class

      The Labourer is the stay-at-home guy who loves to build strong and defendable bases. The labourer has the unique ability to build giant and advanced forges and craft titanium blocks. Their weapon of choice is base traps. From auto-turrets to bladed traps, they can craft them all.

      Mechanic class

      The Mechanic Class is all about building and upgrading the vehicles in the game. Being a Mechanic allows you to make bicycles, minibikes and vehicle mods early on. Their specialist weapon is the Turrets. Their skill tree lets you upgrade and builds them. They also are great at salvaging parts and resources from cards etc. Once you have mastered the Mechanic class, you can build Motorbikes, Trucks and Muscle cars. Gyrocopters can not be crafted. Only their parts are found.


      The Scientist is both a medic and a crazy explosive expert. Choosing the Scientist class unlocks medical recipes and demolition items. You are also more efficient with both. The weapon of choice is explosive and bladed weapons like the combat axe. Being a scientist also means you are the only one who can build advanced ammunition for your gun-wielding comrades.


      The Security class is ex-cop or ex-military personnel before the zombie outbreak. They are the offence and defence, specializing in Machine Guns and hand-to-hand combat, as well as being able to build high-end armour, like military and titanium armour. They also have a skill then allows them to take less HP when being hit (Pain Tolerance)

      How To Download & Install Darkness Falls Mod

      There are 2 main ways to install the Darkness Falls mod: manually and using a program called The 7 Days To Die Mod Launcher. The Mod Launcher automatically installs any overhaul mod for you, but it comes with problems and can be finicky. 7 Days To Die is a game that’s still in development. The best way to install Darkness Falls is manually, it only takes 5 minutes & Khaine here has made a very easy step by step video on how to do it.

      Other cool features Darkness Falls Mod has.

      • 96 slot backpack and a 12 slot crafting queue
      • Custom UI! Food/Water bars
      • Nighttime is very dangerous ferals and Nightstalker’s come out to play
      • Zombie Behemoths that will crush you
      • Titanium is a resource stronger than steel. Can be mined only in the dangerous wasteland and used in the advance forge to create superweapons
      • Grow apple, orange, banana & coconut trees. Also, wheat, carrots, tomatoes etc all used for the many cooking recipes added.
      • Animal Coops and Snares from Valmod added.
      • New advance healing items like the paramedics first aid kit and a sterile bandage
      • New guns like the P225 Pistol, AR-15 Automatic Rifle, Winchester Rifle and CAWS Automatic Shotgun and many more
      • 5 new workstations. The Advanced Forge, Mortar and Pestle and two workbenches! There is also the rare, loot-only, Lathe!
      • Combat axe and its titanium version.
      • Time REMOVED from under the compass and on the map. Added to the trader window (under restock time).
      • Craftable working sinks and ovens!
      • Junction box added for invisible wires. Unlocked via electricity perk.
      • Bomber zombies added! These buggers are designed to tear your base to bits. You have been warned!
      • Compo pack added!
      • A huge radiate Bee, keep an eye out for them in forest biomes.
      • Special Trader Caitlin has arrived! She has her own POI, her own voice lives in the wasteland and carries the most powerful items.
      • Your farm needs to have water for the plants to grow.

      Darkness Falls Skilling System

      Another favourite of mine on the Darkness Falls mod is the skilling system. It is the perfect combination of improving your abilities through practice and enhancing them via skill points. So, for example, you can improve your shotgun skills by killing zombies with it. Once you get your shotgun skills to a certain level, you can further amplify its stats with skill points. This is for everything pretty much, like it used to be in Alpha 16. And with the added class system to synergies your playing type, you get to specialize your character.

      Who Is Khaine?

      The Man Behind The Darkness Falls Mod


      Khaine is the founder and creator of the epic Darkness Falls Mod. Khaine is the creator of Darkness Falls Mod and Romero Mod. A new mod that takes out the horde nights every 7 days but adds in roaming hordes that can come out of nowhere and ruin your day pretty quickly. He also is a vital member of the 7 Days To Die community. He has helped a lot of the other developers with overhaul mods. He mentioned once in an interview that none of the overhaul mod developers sees each other as competition, and they tend to help each other out. And helping out is something Khaine has often been known to do.

      He works from home as a cat butler and exists on coffee, nicotine, human suffering and the tears of people playing his mod. Be careful, though. Khaine has no mouth filter nor a “kid-friendly” mode. You have been warned.


      Here is some advice when playing on Darkness Falls server. Suppose you spawn in the wasteland as I did. Run the hell out of there ASAP. The wasteland is full of end game zombies, ferals, radiated, demons etc. It Doesn’t matter what day or level you are. They will be there and murder you very quickly.

      When you first join, you have two quests to do, the trader one and your class selection quests. I would do the trader quest first. It just involved you running to the trader and talking to them. The Darkness Falls mod has guards all around the trader that shoot zombies on site. They are also open 24/7, so it’s a great place to bunker up for a few days or weeks. Get there, and then do your class quests.

      Be careful, though, in the Darkness Falls mod. Traders aren’t protected like in the vanilla version. You and the zombies can destroy the traders base so that a horde can ruin the entire POI. That’s why we have the rule not to live in the trader or spend horde night there. However, when I play on the Darkness Falls mod on a solo or private server, it’s what I love to do. I always live inside a trader and pimp it out with upgrades.

      Darkness Falls Mod Night Stalker
      Darkness Falls Mod New Vehicles
      Darkness Falls Mod Friends

      General Advice when playing on any PvE server.

      Salty Zombies has quite a mature and experienced gaming community. However, this is the online gaming world. You will get trolls, griefers, hackers and all kinds of straight-up assholes. These people have nothing better to do than to enjoy the misery and pain of others. So to save yourself such hardship, try to be vigilant when teaming up with others.

      You will probably be fine on our 7 Days To Die Darkness Falls Server as it’s only open to our patreons. These people are usually long term supporters and experienced, mature people. But there is no need to be careless, it’s against the law for someone to break into your house and steal your stuff, but it still happens. Just because it’s against our Darkness Falls server rules doesn’t mean someone might try it. So keep all your doors, hatches and storage boxes locked and closed.

      Another bit of advice I would give when playing on our Darkness Falls server is to team up with someone you know well. The Darkness Falls Mod is hard, and it’s pretty different from the vanilla 7 Days To Die. Joining forces with a group of people is always fun. Try teaming with people who are equally active as you and can play at similar times.

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