7 Days To Die Console Commands


The console is a tool that is mainly used by game developers to tweak advanced game settings by putting in the appropriate commands. It is, however, also accessible by any player by hitting the right shortcut key. The Console Commands provide an additional range of functionality within the game and can also manipulate certain game features.

Using the console commands, a player can get data like game statistics and other information. In addition, one can also input commands that can alter the current game settings and features such as spawning certain game items.

The commands can also be used to control other guest players in a multiplayer setting. So for example, if a certain player is being abusive or cheating, the admin can use the appropriate console commands to kick the player from the server.

7 Days To Die Console Command Usage

All of the commands we mention here can be directly used if you are in single-player mode since you’ll have admin privileges. On the other hand, in the case of a dedicated server, you will first have to edit the admin.xml file and give yourself the admin privileges for these commands to work. And then again, in an online dedicated server, some of the commands we’ve listed here may still not work.

For ease of understanding, we’ve divided the various console commands into 4 categories:

  1. 7 Days To Die Server Commands
  2. 7 Days To Die Admin Commands
  3. 7 Days To Die Teleport Commands
  4. 7 Days To Die Xp Commands

Getting Started With The 7 Days To Die Console Commands:

To get started, you first need to bring up the console panel where you can enter all of these commands. This can be done simply by pressing the F1 key on most standard keyboards. Doing this will bring up the console panel. This key works for the standard Us & EU based keyboards. If you are using a different keyboard, you can bring up the console using two different keys depending upon which type of keyboard you use, as mentioned below.

Key 1

  • pressing F1 for US & EU type keyboards.

Key 2

  • Pressing ” for US type keyboards.
  • Pressing @ for EU type keyboards.
  • Pressing Ñ for Spanish type keyboards.
  • Pressing Ö/Ø/F2 for Scandinavian type keyboards.

Console Commands For 7D2D

Entering commands in the console

  • Many of the commands are case sensitive; i.e. “x is not the same as “X”.
  • If shortcuts are available for a command, you can use them instead of the full command. However, all commands do not have a shortcut.
  • Command arguments that are placed in <pointed braces> are compulsory, but commands in [square braces] are optional.

Many of the 7 Days To Die console commands work only when the Creative menu or the debug mode has been enabled. On that note, let’s get started with the server console commands.




Creative MenuYou can get access to the creative menu using this command. Once the command has been entered, pressing “U” on your keyboard will display the creative menu. You can have any item spawned directly in your inventory through this menu.CM
Debug ModeThis is the primary command required to enable most of the admin privileges. After entering this command, pressing the “Esc” key will show an additional menu on the right. For example, in Debug Mode, you can enable God Mode by hitting the “Q” key or enable Fly mode by hitting “H”.DM
Spectator ModeThis mode enables you to be entirely invisible and fly around as a spectator. There is a bug, though, that has not yet been fixed. And that is, you will still get attacked by zombie vultures and any other type of flying zombie.SM
List PlayersThe LP command lists all the players and their entity or steam id. This is useful, especially when using the player’s name with specific commands that do not work. For example, that can happen if the player’s name contains space or any other foreign character. That is one of the reasons why it is always preferable to use the Entity ID of the player.LP


Listed below are some of the essential admin commands that can be used on a 7 Days To Die server. This is especially helpful if your single-player mode settings enable other players on your network to join your game or if you’re running a dedicated server of your own. 

 A major reason why the Admin console commands are essential is that post the A19 release. It has become relatively easy to create game hacks. There are numerous hacker codes available that can be used to cheat on your server by enabling the god mode, creative menu etc. If you spot someone cheating like this, you can use your admin commands to kick or ban such players.




Admin Add [entity ID] [permission level]This command can be used for any player you trust as an admin on the server. You need to get the player’s Entity ID using the LP command to do this. You also need to set their permission level, ranging between 0 – 1000, 0 being the highest. The selected player gets admin privileges such as adding other admins, accessing the Creative menu, enabling Debug Mode etc. A permission level of 1 gives a player Moderator level privileges. With that, the selected player has the power to kick or ban another player but cannot access the creative menu. You can find out privileges with each permission level by entering the “CP list” out what commands each permission level can do.Admin Add 145 0
Admin Remove [entity ID]This command removes the admin privileges from the player mentioned by the entity ID.Admin Remove 145
Ban Add [entity id] [duration] [unit]If you have a player who has been cheating or is simply annoying, you can kick them out of your server permanently using this command. Use the “LP” command to get the player’s entity ID. You can also mention the ban duration type (hours, minutes, Days etc.) and duration amount (unit).Ban Add 145 years 5
Ban Remove [entity ID]You can use this command If you have a change of heart and want to unban someone from your server. Instead of the Entity ID, you can also unban someone using their Steam ID or even Character Name. If even that doesn’t work, you can edit the admin.xml file, which will contain the ban line at the bottom.Ban Remove 145
Kick [entity ID]This command kicks the player specified from your server or a single-player game. However, the player is not permanently banned and can rejoin whenever they want.Kick 145
Kickall [kick message]Relatively straightforward – This command will kick all of the players from the server. So, although the Message is optional, it could be pretty helpful to let all players know why they got kicked.Kickall because I’m bored
Whitelist add [entity ID]This Whitelist feature gets automatically enabled when you first add any player to the whitelist. This prevents people who are not on the whitelist from joining your server. It acts similarly to setting up a password to access your server.whitelist add 145
Whitelist remove [entity ID]Contrary to the previous command, this will remove the player mentioned from the whitelist. The whitelist feature will get disabled if no players remain on the whitelist.whitelist remove 145


The ability to teleport directly to anywhere in the 7D2D world can benefit certain situations. With the teleport command, you cannot just teleport yourself to wherever you want to, but also any other player as well. Therefore, you should keep in mind certain things when using teleport in 7 Days To Die.

First of all, if Debug Mode is enabled, just open up the map by pressing “M”, then hold “Ctrl” and right-click at the location in the map where you wish to teleport. You will then instantly be transferred to that location. Another neat option in the Debug Mode is to hold the left “Shift” key and hit the “Q” key. Doing that teleports you to the location where your cursor was pointing. You can quickly travel across the map by holding the left “shift” and just pressing the “Q” numerous times.

Giver below are the usual Teleport Commands that you can use in 7D2D:




Teleport [entity ID]Using this command will teleport you directly to the player’s location mentioned by their entity ID. Instead of the entity ID, you can also enter the player’s name or steam ID.TP 145
TeleportPlayer [Entity ID] [Entity ID]You can use this command to teleport a player to another player’s location as mentioned by their entity IDs.DM
TeleportPlayer [entity ID] [coordinates]This command can teleport another player to a specific location on the map as specified by the coordinates. Note that. There is a slight learning curve to using the coordinates. For example, the coordinates for East/North are mentioned as a normal or positive number, while West/South is mentioned as a negative number. There is also an optional elevation value you can mention in the middle. If no elevation is provided, you will be teleported on the block at the highest elevation at the coordinates mentioned.TeleportPlayer 145 -472 3251


Before going ahead with the XP commands, remember that giving yourself additional XP could be considered “cheating”. That said, you will often use the XP commands to fix a corrupted player profile. In this case, you will also be required to reset the player character.

This command is primarily used to either give yourself additional XP or give it to another player. One thing to keep in mind when giving yourself additional XP is that you will also be increasing your Gamestage value. Higher the gamestage, the tougher the zombies that you have to face. So if you keep increasing your XP this way without being adequately equipped with the necessary weapons, ammo and armour, you better be prepared to get your ass whopped by the strongest zombies!




Givexp [entity ID] [xp amount]You can use this command to give any player additional XP. As mentioned before, use the LP command to find the player’s entity ID.givexp 145 9999999
Giveselfxp [xp amount]This command, of course, gives your player additional XP, as mentioned. If you want to increase your player level, it is complicated to figure out exactly how much XP is needed to level up. The higher your current level, the more the XP required to level up further.giveselfxp 99999

List Of All 7 Days To Die Console Commands

This list contains commands as per Alpha 15. You can also bring up the list of available commands by entering “help” into the console.

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