server Specs

CPU I77700K
64GB ram DDR4
450GB Nvme 

Our 7 Days To Die PVE Asian server is our newest server to the Salty Zombies empire. The server is located in Singapore and caters to all our Southeast Asia friends (S.E.A). We hope to bring the experience and knowledge that we have gained by running the worlds most popular servers to Asia. Namsaknoi, the founder of Salty Zombies, was born and raised in the UK but has lived in Asia for more than a decade. So he is looking forward to having low ping for a change.


PORT: 29200


Loot Bonus


LCB Protection

5 Days

Loot Respawn


XP Bonus


LCB Size

90 Min



Map Size


Zombie Difficulty


Shared XP Range

The Epic ASIAN Server Team

Namsaknoi mainly looks after the PVE Asian server. He lived in Asia and started his 7 Days To Die journey there. He wanted to take this server on personally. There used to be a few popular 7 Days To Die Servers in South East Asia. But over time, the admins/server owners moved on, leaving the void and dividing the players. Namsaknoi plans to bring all those players back under one server run Salty Zombies style.

Currently, as the Asian server is new, there are no moderators. However, as time goes on and the server builds up in popularity. So, we will be looking to have some moderators for the Asia Server. So, if you are an active player, who lives in Asia, speaks good English with one of the S.E.A languages as a second language and you some experience in dealing with people or running a 7D2D Server. Then, there could be an opportunity for you.

Please take a moment to read all the rules on the Salty Zombies Servers in the link below:

Things Unique to the PVE ASIAN SERVER

Each server has a Donor City or DC for short and inside that DC is a unique POI called the Donor Trader. Anyone who signs up to our Patreon will get access to the Donor trader by typing in /Trader. Inside you will find 4 traders ready at your disposal. In the PVE PRO Asian server, the POI will actually be Marina Bay Sands. The POI has yet to be built. Currently, we have our main Salty Zombies DC in its place. But we are all very much looking forward to having this POI done.

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