50,000 Salty Coins


Damn ok, so you are going for the big daddy of all salty coin packages. This is the ultimate package but provides the ultimate discount on coins as well. With this type of coinage, you could buy yourself any vehicle, any level 6 tool, any level 6 gun plus ammo and have change left over. This is an “I mean business, move out my way” type of vibe.

Once you bought these 50,000 salty coins please contact AmarieBapKraag or H4MM3R21 on Discord so they can add the coins to your account. You will need to tell them the invoice number, your in-game name and the server you play on.

What Are Salty Coins?

Salty Zombie Coins are like an “in-game” currency, a virtual one that’s not physically held by your character. You earn these coins by playing on the server. You get 1 coin for every zombie you kill and 1 coin for every minute you play on the server. These numbers are boosted as a Patreon. How much they are boosted depends on Patreon level. You can also earn 200 coins extra a day by voting for our servers. However, if you feel you need a boost in your Salty Zombie Coin wallet then you can buy them here.

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