Salty Zombies has been voted best 7 days to die server 5 years in a row. Our team are highly experienced 7 days to die enthusiasts and administrators. We are streamers, modders, coders and content creators and all our talents are infused in creating our awesome 7 days to die servers. We have multiple dedicated servers for this awesome and very popular post-apocalypse zombie survival game we know as 7 Days to Die. Each one is immense and highly customized dedicated servers, capable of holding 100+ players. Its the first and only one of its kind that the 7 days to die community has ever seen.

We are a friendly group of fun and active players from all over the world. Multiple admins and lots of senior players ready to guide you through the deadly world of 7 Days to Die. We have both 7 Days To Die PvE Server and a 7 Days To Die PvP Server, as well as other heavily modded servers like Ravenhurst and Darkness Falls.

Join our discord today and starting playing in one of the largest communities for this game ever created: Join 7 Days To Die Discord.

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Years Experience




Super Servers

Why we started Salty Zombies

Namsaknoi founded salty Zombies after years of playing on 100’s of 7 Days To Die servers with his friends. They came up with some epic ideas to improve the 7 Days To Die experience. On its first launch, the server reached max capacity. With the overwhelming support of the server community, Salty Zombies continues to expand. In less than 2 months, it became 7 days to die’s most active server. Not long after that, it was the most consistently populated server and ranked number 1 on battle metrics. The admins on the server are happy, helpful and very laid back people. Feel free to ask them anything, as they are all very experienced 7 Days To Die players. Want to know more? Click on which admin you would like to read more about.


One of the best things about Salty Zombies is our awesome and super supportive community. Not just the support they give our brand but the help and support they give each other in the game and outside of the game. Many Salty Zombies fans have met up in real life and become great zombie-slaying buddies. This is just that start of our adventures together, so be part of the team, be part of the community.



There is a lot of other 7 Days To Die Servers out there, almost 5 new servers are advertised on our Facebook group a day. But none like us and here is why we think we stand out and have been the best 7 days to die server for 5 years in a row.

100% Dedicated Servers

Many 7 Days To Die Server owners state they have a “Dedicated Server”, but it’s actually just a VPS’s (Virtual Private Servers). There can be up to 40 VPS’s on 1 Dedicated Server. So yes, they have a dedicated server Split between 40 other 7 Days To Die Servers. Salty Zombies servers are 100% dedicated no one else is using our servers. We spend more than $1,000 every month on dedicated servers server. This will give our players a much higher FPS (Frames Per Second) and smoother, less glitchy gameplay.

Multiple Servers

Whether you are wanting to join a hardcore PvP server or enjoy the causal but intense action of PvE Server. Maybe you are into a fully custom overhaul modded server like Ravenhurst or War of the Walkers. Whichever it is, we have a 7 Days to Die server for you.

Custom Map

Our Map is not Navezgane nor is it Random Gen, its a 100% customized map using Nitrogen. We also included more than 3,000 new POI’s for you to explore. This gives you endless excitement on your looting adventures.

24/7 Chilled & Active Admins

A 7 Days to Die server with a lack of admin support is one thing, but bitter, power abusive admins is another. Salty Zombies has 2 bosses, 4 active admins, 10 moderators and 2 bots from all different parts of the world. The different time zones we live in enables us to give you 24/7 support. We also have a lot of experienced players that are more than willing to help you on your journey of survival. We are all happy to help anytime.

Here To Stay

Have you ever joined a 7 Days To Die server, invested hours/days into it only for the server to disappear the next day? Rest assured, Salty Zombies has the highest uptime for any gaming server and will never disappear on you. We have been running our servers for 5 years, and we are only getting bigger and better.

Largest 7 Days To Die Server

Salty Zombies is the largest and most powerful 7 Days To Die servers, capable of having over 100 slots. Meaning, the Server can host over 100 players. However, we cap it at around 50 to 60 players to keep things running as smooth as possible.

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