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Welcome to the Salty Zombies gaming community. We are a large group of gaming enthusiasts that love playing together, mostly survival crafting games, and if the game has a zombie apocalypse or monsters to slay, then that’s a bonus. 

But we’re not just a group of gamers. Salty Zombies host multiple online games for you to join and play with our gaming community. In addition, we have dedicated servers in the USA, Europe and Asia, allowing you to connect to a Salty Zombies server near you for lower latency and a better gaming experience. So if you are looking for new gaming friends and a supportive gaming community you can call home, Salty Zombies is where you want to be.

The Games We Host

We host quite a few games, primarily survival PVE Games. But we usually have 1 server of each game dedicated to PVP. Our most popular games are 7 Days To Die, RUST and ARK Ascended. Below are the main games we host, but we also have servers for Minecraft, Palworld and SCUM. The main games are hosted from servers worldwide, so no matter where you live, there will be a Salty Zombies server near you.

But Why Join Our Gaming Community?

Global Servers

We are a global gaming community with servers that span worldwide, from the USA to Europe and Asia. So where ever you are, we probably have a server near you. This is great for you to experience the benefits of a popular, well-run gaming server, but without the latency.

Great Gaming Community

If it’s one thing we are proud of the most, it’s our gaming community. Everyone is so friendly, welcoming and healful to new members. People have met on our servers and then, later on, met up in real life. We have even had members of our community develop romantic relationships. It won’t be long before we have our first Salty Zombies wedding.

Backups Every 2 Hours

Many things can go wrong in the gaming world, like bugs, hackers, power outages or corruption. Luckily all our gaming servers have daily backs ups. So if one of these issues were to arise, you wouldn’t lose all your progress. Instead, we would restore from the latest backup, and you’ll be back to gaming in no time.

100% Dedicated Servers

Many gaming community server owners state they have a “Dedicated Server”, but it’s just a VPS (Virtual Private Servers). There can be up to 40 VPSs on 1 dedicated server. So yes, they have a dedicated server Split between 40 other gaming communities. Salty Zombies servers are 100% dedicated. No one else is using our servers. We spend more than $1,500 every month on dedicated servers. This will give our players a much higher FPS (Frames Per Second) and smoother, less glitchy gameplay.

Network Pathing

Have you ever played on a server and disconnected or experienced lag, but no one else did? That could be because of network issues from typical service providers. We have direct access to hard-to-reach networks, ensuring low latency and zero packet loss even at peak times.

DDOS Protection

It’s not uncommon for gaming servers to be attacked with DDOS by a competitor, a toxic player or a hacker looking to ransom our servers. However, Salty Zombies gaming community servers have 80+ Gbit/s of DDOS protection, which is some of the highest you can get.

Here To Stay

Have you ever joined a gaming community server and invested hours/days into it, only for the server to disappear the next day? Rest assured, Salty Zombies has the highest uptime for any gaming server and will never disappear on you. We have been running our servers for five years, and our gaming community is constantly growing.

24/7 Support

A gaming community that lacks active admin or tech support is one thing, but bitter, power-abusive admins are another. Salty Zombies has a team of 30+ admins and moderators from different parts of the world. The different time zones enable us to give you 24/7 support. We also have many experienced players who are more than willing to help you on your journey of survival. 

Well Trained & Experienced Staff

All our staff are well trained in the solutions to many common issues you may face as a gamer. We pride ourselves on having very proficient, active and competent staff members. Unfortunately, we have seen too many gaming communities with moderators and admins who have less knowledge than the players. At Salty Zombies, we have a strict hierarchy system in which positions can only be obtained provided particular prerequisites have been passed. This ensures that the Salty Zombies gaming community runs like a well-oiled machine.

Best Hardware

All of our servers are top-of-the-range hardware. Right now, we have 6 servers, all of which are Ryzen 7950x 4.5GHz with 16 Cores • 32 Threads and 128 DDR 5 Ram 6000 MHz

Our Community

The centre pillar of it all. The Salty Zombies community. 

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Our Partners

Below is a list of our partners in the Salty Zombies network. These might be hosting companies we have worked with and recommended, 3rd party software and integrations or other gaming communities or organizations we are affiliated with.

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